Chaos Code - AOU exhibition with SEGA


There was also the fact that Tenryo had claimed himself to be the English Community Manager for FK Digital in a post at That right there was what made Shini go directly to FK Digital about him.

There’s a whole timeline on the steam forums that Shini posted at:

Stuff got kinda out of hand for the most part if you ask me.


I see it like this, Tenryo legitimately believed himself to be the community manager and FKD didn’t seem to have an issue with it until Shini came at them about it. Now, in FKD’s reply according to Shini, they said they had told Tenryo to stop claiming to be the community manager. I’m not friends with Tenryo or anything, but I do know him enough to say that if they actually did tell him that, he probably would have stopped calling himself that, and I don’t think they would have let him make announcements on their behalf for the English speaking audience. That all doesn’t add up to me. Also, knowing how Japanese businesses tend to work, I don’t think it’s out of question for them to completely disown a volunteer helper, especially if it’s to save face with another company they need to do business with.

Maybe Tenryo really did step out of line and was pretending to be a community manager when he wasn’t, maybe it’s just Japanese business practices at work, we don’t really know the whole story since, let’s be honest, NO ONE keeps up with FKD or Chaos Code. If this situation didn’t happen this thread would have stayed dead. And really the only people who have the full story is FKD, and they probably won’t ever say what the actual situation was, just what they reported.


I understand that tenryo was just trying to help organize the ah3lm steam forum but you have to know your position and just stay in your own lane.

If someone doesn’t ask for your help then sometimes its just best not to get involved in a situation. Then again he wasn’t the community manager for fk digital to begin with.


So a new Chaos Code game is coming to the PS4…


I was expecting the original game to be released on Steam first, but this is even better. This seems to be an updated version and not an actual sequel. Day 1 for me for sure. Hopefully, they include netplay this time, a physical version would be a bonus, but I doubt we’re getting one.


According to a news post about it on, the new PS4 port WILL have Netplay.


2.10 update.


The newest Chaos Code is coming to the west…with actual network modes.


The newest Chaos Code coming to the West for PS4…and PC!


And it’s out. Got it on PSN today for $20.

The port(?) has some nice features and modes this time around, but there is no tutorial or combo challenges as far as I can tell so you have to learn the mechanics and such by reading the “How to Play”. Combos you’ll just have to find online. Kinda sucks, but not a huge deal.

The game is a little rough around the edges, for sure. Navigating menus, like the command list or gallery, don’t feel super “fluid” or “smooth”. It’s hard to explain. You also are locked into a character selection once you make, unless you go back to the main menu, which sucks. And the translation is, honestly, not great. It’s serviceable, but I’m pretty sure the translator wasn’t a native English speaker.

The game feels good, seems interesting, and the characters are interesting and have some stylish moves. It’s def worth the price so I hope people give it a shot!


Apparently debug features are accessible in Ver 2.11. Don’t have a use for it, but could post hitbox stuff if requested.



[details=Spoiler]Disabling the purple boxes:

  1. Click on the computer with the magnifying glass on the top left corner.
  2. Find “game.exe” near the bottom of the list.
  3. Double click “game.exe” OR click and press “Open.”
  4. Once “game.exe” is set as the application to examine, verify that “Scan Type” is set to “Exact Value”… and that “Value Type” is set to “4 Bytes.”
  5. Assuming you are in the actual game, (both players on ground, and close together. Tested with Kagari’s stage), search the decimal value “544.”
  6. Couple results should show up (rough estimate of about 500 or more results). Select the first green colored Address that shows up, and click the Red arrow pointing to the lower right side of the screen.
  7. Right click the new inserted record in the bottom side of the window, and select “Browse this memory region.”
  8. Window comes up with a hex editing style display. Right click the value that’s “directly above” the red shaded value that’s spontaneously changing numbers (the value you want to right click looks “Green” at the bottom portion of the window) at the very top left address; for further concern, it should say a value of “20”.) and go to “Data Breakpoint -> Find out what accesses this address.”
  9. A window should pop up saying it will attach the debugger. Click “Yes”
  10. A new window containing a list of instruction properties should show up. Right click on the only Instruction that contains a “mov esi,” (as there should be only one that contains this), and click “Replace with code that does nothing (NOP).”
  11. A Cheat Engine code window will pop up. Click “OK.”
  12. The distracting purple boxes should now be gone. Enjoy![/details]


Hows the netplay in this game anyway?


Not sure if the new game is considered a sequel or an update, but it will have new characters and 3D backgrounds


Hello @AceKombat, I’m not sure if you are still playing the game, but do you think you can provide Cthylla’s hit-boxes?


Sequel, they increased the sprites res and screen ratio


All the sprites are new, for example, Hermes has new clothes, and the Twins are teenagers now


Maybe Thanksgiving if I have time, I’ll look into it.

Edit: Technically I can provide shots now if you have ones of interest… but if you’re looking for a complete rip, then yeah Thanksgiving break it is. The only ones completed atm are Hikaru and Kagari.



[quote=“White_Angel, post:756, topic:63224”]


I see we have some new characters in this as well. Nice…I really should get back to playing this before Momocon’s tournament. <_<


someone knows why the updated version of this game has not been published in europe? the original chaos code was released digitally for old-gen, while this one still not.