Chaos! is back


So, for those of you who didn’t know, Chaos! Comics characters have been bought by Dynamite and rebooted into the Dynamite universe. Purgatori, Chastity, Evil Ernie, etc. are all coming back. Well, they already did. Only one who won’t be returning is Lady Death, she’s with Boundless Comics. Replacing Lady Death is Mistress Hel.

Chaos #3 is already out, and the story is picking up, it’s interesting. Chastity and Purgatori series are also coming out.


That’s fantastic news.


It is fantastic news! Interview about Purgatori

Q: Were you familiar with the character’s former incarnations? Will we be seeing anything on those takes for this hell-spawn?

AG: Oh I was very familiar. Not much has changed from the classic Chaos days. There are some small changes to her origin but nothing major. Tim has an “if it aint broke don’t fix it” edict and there was very little we felt needed to be reworked.

Even with the small changes, Purgatori is the same sexy, lethal, power-driven egomaniac she’s always been.


Yup. That is *exactly *how it should be. You do **NOT **screw with the classics. Superman is the last son of Krypton, Uncle Ben must die, and Romeo and Juliet can only end in tragedy.


Yeah. If little has changed, maybe we’ll see Jade and that African queen.

Chaos #3 preview

[details=Spoiler]Pretty good issue!

Finally Mistress Hell appears! Apparently, the norse goddess of death. She seduces Evil Ernie asking her to send the souls of the people he kills to her small domain instead of Lucifer’s, so she can become powerful and awake her brothers, the wolf Fenrir and the serpent Jormungandr. With them she can bring about Ragnarok and end this corrupted world and make a new one filled with eternal love. She said all that with a concerned face and all meek while lying on top of Ernie. I dunno, she seems like my kind of girl. Anyway, who knows if those are really her intentions. Oh, and Evil Ernie apparently is a “half divine” and that makes Hel weak in the knees. Eventually she and Purgatori will do battle.

Art has improved than in previous issues. Overall, I liked it and want more. [/details]


Love those preview pages! “Turns out a nuke does a zombie’s body good.” That’s just badass. Gotta love Tim Seeley. Great to see someone with his level of talent working on characters of this caliber.


Yeah, Tim Seeley is doing a good job. This Chaos book is growing on me.

OK, so Chaos #4

[details=Spoiler]Chastity is brutal and deadly; dagger into one eye and then kick it to push it in further. Chastity mentioned she was hired by Jade, so I think we’ll see the Chinese vampire sorceress.
Ernie with that cowbow getup looks too similar to Bedlam from old Chaos.

Funny how Chastity and Evil Ernie end up being partners. I remember in the old Chaos they were friends.

I am still waiting for Purgatori to show her savage side. So far she has been very civilized; in the old Chaos she was too savage for my taste: using a control remote seemed like rocket science for her.


My tweet got posted in the last page :slight_smile: which reminds me I’ve got my first tweet in a comic posted in Marvel’s CHAOS war #1.

new evil ernie coming


Aw, sweet. Evil Ernie. We’ve all been eagerly waiting for this for what, like nine years now? Those were the longest nine years of my life! Finally we have some comics coming out worth getting excited about!


But Dynamite already re-launched Evil Ernie in 2012. It’s like a six-issue series. There’s also a TPB.

edit: I just read the first issue, the story is very messed up. It’s on sale for 10 cents on their website


I disowned the 2012 miniseries. Not a fan of Jesse Snyder. And I’m super tired of origin stories. I never felt that Evil Ernie’s backstory was relevant to his significance as a character. It’s just unnecessary to do a story about all that. Don’t these writers and artists understand the value of a little mystique? What’s next? Are they going to create an official origin story for Wolverine? Come on.


Purgatori #1 was cool, kinda similar to the old Chaos! comics.

Purgatori #2 online for free


What was your favorite part of issue 1?


You know, the first half of it was my favorite. Purgatori in hell at the mercy of Satan and Mistress Hel. Good to see that Cremator is still there, creating wicked machines. So, now Purgatori has been turned into a human and no matter how much blood she drinks she gains no strength. I am sure some of her story will deal with her trying to get her vampiric powers back, because in the Chaos! mini-series we saw her already turned into a vampire. So, I think it should be an entertaining ride with gore, deaths, and lesbianism. The scene with the Christian redneck spouting bible verses was also cool.

Funny how she was sent to Earth and the first enemy she encounters in Jade (who is now Japanaese). I think I remember in the old Chaos! when Purgatori was exciled to Earth, she also encountered Jade and the African Queen.

The artist is very good, Purgatori looks great and some of the demons in the first issue look grotesquely demonic.

Have you read any of the issues so far?

Oh, and Lady Demon is also coming back.


Lady Demon preview