Chaos's AV Request

I was wondering if anyone could make me an avatar, or maybe two. I don’t have all the details hammered out. But I would like :

-Someone who is willing to do 2 or more characters on a single AV (Including people)

-Someone who is willing to do slight animation (90 % sure I wont need that)

-Someone who is willing to be patient with me.

-Someone creative

If they is anyone who is willing to do this, but feels that the demands are a little to high (or not). Hit me up on Instant Messanger under ChaosNightWolf and we can hammer out all the details.

I might be able to help but you need to give some indication on what you want…

Ok I think I have an idea, I wanted a strider/sent av. Both of them doing there pointing stance (When strider sends out the dogs, and when sent sends out the little robots) and it would be on a light blue backround. They both would be pointing to a wolf head, and under it would say ChaosNightWolf. Instant message me anyway so I can send pics of what Im talkin about.

<----- Finished product.

This avatar kicks the ass of many:evil: