~Chapter V/Same ol' Ton~

Alright i got some time off from work,so i got time do to some avatars for you people,for those who know me i’m sure know my skills and rules,but here they are anyways.

~No animation/don’t ask why.
~Sprite av’ only/i might do a team av if i’m up for it.
~No human av’s.
~Admins/mods and good friends get a BONUS!!..example~av redone,or personal AIM request. ~_^


~Ok go ahead request my fellow friends,and ofcourse requests will be on this page for pick up.









or even both, maybe the bottom one as the BG. Use you judgement

if you could have it say “Original Rush Down God” on it too. Thanks man :cool:

Ok i’ll get to work on it asap.

~Kid-wu,av is done pick up.

:cool: Thanks man, tight as always :cool:

You’re welcome.

wow,no-one want an av?

oh snap ton taking request’s :smiley: …btw gl on that toronto tourney if your goin…

hey ton u can hook me up…click the link below


~Monkeyman- Thank you,yeah i’m going for sure…you coming to?going to both the team&original tourney,gonna be sweet.

~Mojo-hmmm well i aint good with human av’s,but sure ill give it a shot.so you want that same av but with the pic of that young lady in there?and for it to have a snow effect(animated)?.

yeah man that is exactly what i want…im sure u’ll do a great job man and thanks for accepting it…my thread wasnt getting too much play:(

Ok not a problem my good man,i’ll do my best for you.And did you get my PM i sent you about your B-day?.

~Do you have the PSD file?it would be much easier for me.

for the hibiki av i dont man…sorry…im in germany so i dont have any of my shit cuz its all back in the states on my pc…and yes man i did get ur email…u and athan are some good men to wish me happy birthday when no one else noticed…my condolences go out to ubows

Oh…ok got it.Well have a good one at germany with your family and all,ok so i’ll do my best with this copy one then give me some time.

no prob man…take as long as u need/want…thanks again:D

Ok mojo buddy it’s done…i tried my best with the snow thing but eh it came out ok i guess,if you had the PSD file that would’ve helped me more.Well hope you like it,for your name i put your initials because it would cover to much of the face.


ahh nice try man but i was trying to get hibiki outta the av and have the girl replace her…pretty much i wanted the girl in hibiki’s place with the snow falling effect over the face of the girl just like in the hibiki avatar…its ok if u dont wanna bother with it anymore cuz it is kind of a tough request…thanks for trying to man i really really appreciate it

Oh i didn’t know you wanted her replacing hibiki,if you want i can do a new one for you.But if i were you i’d probably ask cham or someone who’s better at the “human” mix av kind of thing.

heh i wish i could go but from tx to toronto is kinda far if only i had teh money =\ aww well…go represent ton.

No-one want an av?..bored yeah monkey the tournies were mad man,but unforunetly my team came in 9th witch isn’t bad considering i was with my brother,but it was cool.I only joined the team one tho it was packed up in there.

(Can’t wait for next year)