Char specific Option Selects [Ideal OSes for all chars]



Here it is,

For OSes:
Chain OSes are denoted by the word chain being present. Jump in OSes are listed as "OS ____"
I omitted chain OSes that technically can be done but require an extremly strict cr lk timing to make it work [pretty much OS sweep vs 22/23 frame backdashes]
I ommitted OS Sweep and OS EX Senpusha when OS St MP or OS Cr MK xx HK Senpusha are options. You can default back to EX Senpusha, LK Senpusha, and sweep OS instead

if those OSes connect. [Example: vs akuma i EX/LK senpusha works as well as OS sweep as the Far mp/Cr mk chain OSes work.
whenever OS Cl MP/cr MK work, LK/EX senpusha and sweep will work

I Ommitted Jump in OSes as they work universally.
HK Senpusha not working on el fuerte is the ONLY Exception.

For OS cr MK and OS St MP you os the normal and react to the OS with a HK Senpusha. Remember if the cr lk missed you have the recovery of cr lk + st mp’s pre

cancelable frames to recognize you need to cancel. It is hard but doable. You cant buffer or you will get a counter to come out

I do cover what chars EX Senpusha is a universal os against [It beats reversals and backdashes]

I added any other char specific OSes not explecitly listed in the OS Section

Each chars list should be comprehensive with the above in mind.

**Any Criticism is Appreciated **