Character 2 = Linchpin?

There’s two team formations that are easy to discuss: best character first, for OCV potential; and best character last, for comeback potential.

What about your second character? Let’s say, hypothetically, you play your first character until he/she is KO’d. Your second character comes in down one assist, and without max level X-Factor. Is that character at a disadvantage? Would you rather play your best character second to compensate this disadvantage, or would you rather still leave them for last? If you do leave them last, doesn’t that give the second character a better chance of being KO’d? Why not just play that character second so they have an assist and Level 2 X-Factor to win the match?

In my own experience, I’ve found that if my first character gets low on health, the thing to do is DHC him out of there. So now my second character is my point character. If I can safely DHC my first character out, why should I put my best character in first? If he gets his butt whupped I can just get him out of there, or if he gets KO’d, either way, my best character comes in and all is not lost. If anything, I want my first two characters to be interchangeable; they DHC and assist each other, and I have a particular knack for both of them.

Whether you just play the characters you like, or you play the characters you think are top tier, you still have to think about team format. I believe what will typify different teams in this game is how people decide their second character.

Well my second character is Doom and he almost doesn’t need an assist to play on point which is a lot of what I like about him. He has a self sufficient zone game that can beat out most other character’s even at times when they have have 2 assists available. His H plasma beam just blasts through fucking everything and H molecular shield usually takes care of the one or 2 things that wont beat then he can jump in with heavy gun or air plasma beam to start offense.

I’ve found Doom’s heavy gun (j.H) to be a big part of his offensive gameplan because it takes up most of the screen space when he normal neutral or forward jumps and he can call lockdown assists to trap people who try to advance guard it after blocking it. If you trap someone with Chun Li’s assist after they try to advance guard it you basically get to move in and push them towards the corner for free and put them in a mix up. Since it’s technically a projectile it will beat all physical attacks clean and if the opponent was airborne during that state it puts them in an unrecoverable juggle state that leads to combos if u land it close enough. The only thing that really beats it is projectile specials (since it has almost no projectile durability). Then you can just switch to blasting out H plasma beam then when they can’t beat that you go back to the heavy gun pressure until you get in close enough to block string or foot dive them. Which at that point they should be relatively close to the corner and Doom can build 2 to 2 and a half meters and has death combos if they are touched near the corner.

MvC3 is not a game where you have to have your character fight until the very end, or you have to keep only the first 2 characters in play until they die before having your anchor come out. It’s a lot about strategy, and using your team synergy is very important. For instance, you hardly see Phoenix players use her aside from being snapped out or if she’s the last character in the team, additionally to keeping those meters until the very last moment, which actually should not be happening because it holds back the performance of the other 2 characters. This is the most extreme case for holding back a team.

My point is, more important than the way you set up your characters is the team’s synergy. If the team works well with each other and use your abilities to tag, you will face a very frightening force.

As for your question - I think you should place the 3 characters in your team so that it affects the team synergy best. If a character is notorious for being an amazing anchor and you don’t have someone that anchors well aside from that one character, place them last. I also think that you should strive for having your 3 characters all be on the same level - being good with only your anchor but blowing with the first 2 characters will definitely break you neck eventually.

not really sure what point you are trying to make. the 2nd team slot is a pretty versatile one, and many character roles can fit that spot.

these are some of the factors that may affect how you order your team:
1st slot <<< 2nd slot >>> 3rd slot
builds meter well <<< >>> doesn’t build meter well
doesn’t require a lot of meter <<< >>> requires a lot of meter
doesn’t have a great assist <<< >>> has a great assist
depends on assist for support <<< >>> doesnt depend on assists for support
doesn’t benefit from x-factor that much <<< >>> benefits from x-factor greatly
etc etc etc

as you can see, the 2nd slot is always in the middle, and therefore these factors will have less affect on them compared to 1st or 3rd slot.

“best or worst character” i don’t think should really be an important factor, because you are just compensating for your lack of skill at the expense of sacrificing team synergy.

if the 1st and 2nd characters are similar and both can play point well, i think many people will decide 1st/2nd slot based on dhc compatibility. for example, marn is known for zero being his best character, but he puts him in the 2nd slot because of the dhc glitch from magneto > zero dhc.

fwiw, Marn puts his best char second. I think it’s for the DHC glitch and the fact that he likes to x-factor cancel with Zero.

i can kick ass with any of my 3 main characters…i can have them in any order and still kick ass

yea what jesus said

in mvc2, id play my team as

point character: builds meter and damage soak (sentinel)
2nd char: uses the meter and does most of the fighting (cable/storm)
3rd: assist character (capcom/cyke)

Things I think one should consider when choosing their 2nd:

-Do they DHC well?
-Is a TAC viable to continue damage output?
-Is their crossover counter with optional air hyper combo good?
-Is their assist useful?
-Does the point and/or anchor’s assist complement them?
-Do they deal with certain situations better than the point character?

The more Yes’ you have, the more you should consider throwing them in as your 2nd character.

Yes. I think of the 2nd as the carry (to use a DOTA term). 1st and 3rd positions inherently have more strengths (both assists and Level 3 X-factor), so your second needs to be strong in it’s own right.

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