Character archetypes


Just joined and I need help with MvC3, this site has helped a lot already. I read the guide and there was Rushdown, Battery, Damage Dealer, etc type characters. They gave a few examples of characters for each. I was wondering if there was a list anywhere that lists what each character could be played as, I know you might be able to play all as everything but I want like the most common archetype used for the characters. Sorry if this is already somewhere.


from what I understand there are types of fighters and then there are roles that they play for your team.

Types: (not including assist)
Rushdown- The fighters that want to get in and dirty and open you up by mixing in cross-ups.
Grapplers- The fighters that have some way to deal with rush down characters.
Zoners- The fighters that want to stay at range and chip your down and like to face grapplers.

Battery- Fighters that are usually on point and generate lots of meter.
Main Meter user- Have a really strong hyper selection or can easily combo into hypers.
Main assist- Has a really good assist that can pin down an opponent or just has an assist that can benefits the team.

Note some characters have combination of types and some roles are not needed the key is to find synergy with the team you pick.

Edit- I could be totally wrong tho in that case call me a noob and ignore my post


I know that part, I was asking if someone could list what each characters type is. I can’t really tell who is what. What is the difference between Wesker and Zero? They both seem good at getting in close and building the hyper bar. So are they both Rushdown and Batteries? I need who is what type.