Character Balance Poll


Do you feel that any of the characters in the game are relatively better or unfairly balanced in terms of their ability, moves, throws, specials or overall capabilities?


:arazz: Another Akuma Hater


Barring my only option Vs. a good Honda is to run away like I’m on fire, yes I think the game is as balanced as it could be.

So my answer is no.


Balance is almost perfect save for Akuma & Honda.


Yes. Akuma is clearly the best character. Best set of dragon punches (exceeding even ken’s), superior keep away game to Ryu, and the best super in the game.

Reduce the damage and take away invincibility on some of Akuma’s DPs, make the super escapable like it’s supposed to be, and fix the issues with the red fireball, and Akuma probably falls somewhere around high tier instead of god tier.


Wait a month and a half.


I don’t have to wait a month and a half to tell you that Akuma is not broken. His just broken in the right hands with the wrong opponent. It’s all about the player and not the character.


I don’t think thats really the point being made though. People aren’t saying he’s broken broken according to the actual definition of the word, ie is unbeatable and makes it pointless to even try to play any other character. The problem is that he makes the game less fun to play because most of his matchups aren’t balanced nearly as well as the rest of the game. And considering that rebalancing what was already one of the best balanced fighting games of all time was one of the goals of this project it doesn’t seem to make any sense to throw away what seems to be a really, really good product, for the sake of keeping a carnival character who was never meant to be balanced with the rest of the cast in vanilla ST. Sirlin tried, but this character is simply too different from the rest of the cast to balance, while avoiding lopsided matchups as has been done to a great extent in HD Remix.


How has this thread not become a train wreck already? I’ll kick things off. I think Cammy’s a dirty slut!


Thawk is broken.

Edit: Honestly, I’d say Akuma and Honda are the only game-ruining characters for me. Even Chun has some redeeming qualities, despite being a dirty whore. Honda just beats so many dudes so badly and with so little effort, it’s stupid.


I don’t see what the big deal with chun li is. Maybe cause i’m a chun player and i know she has no “free” matchups. Well, maybe gief but he has to worry about half the cast anyway (and if he gets in she’s dead).


The whole game is broken ! except for Classic mode :badboy: .


Fucking Fei Long is broken! Chicken Wing into Super for half life is God Tier!


Seconded. Once Honda/Akuma knows what to do against certain match-ups, the game’s already over.


Oh don’t tell me you guys are seriously complaining about Honda. He’s no more dominant in his good matchups than he already was in ST, he still loses to the characters that beat him before, just by not as much, and he still goes mostly even against the characters he went mostly even with before, although maybe he gained slight advantages against Sim and Claw. A high tier character probably, but too good? Come on.


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I dunno if people are complaining he’s too good. I think most people are complaining because, well, in vanilla ST, he pretty much rendered several characters useless. And in HD Remix, well, he still renders those characters darn near useless. So if you were a player of one of those characters, and you were hoping for a better chance against Honda in HD Remix and you ended up NOT getting it, it’s rather upsetting. It’s not that he’s top tier, it’s just that he should have been tweaked a HELL of a lot more to make him worse against non-Fireball characters and even still yet better against Fireball characters.

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Hey I totally agree that he should have been nerfed more against the characters he beat in ST. Like I said in that other thread, even as a Honda user, I’d be fine with ochio losing its whiff animation and storage power because I think he’d still be a total beast up close while giving the characters who want to get in on him a better chance to do so. Would have also been fine with me if jab headbutt had been nerfed in some way, although I would have wanted the fierce chop back as his main standing fierce button in that case.

Other than that, I think the main problem with him is that some of the characters he killed weren’t made all that much better against him. Like, it sucks that Zangief’s lariat doesn’t hit a higher percentage of the time to make it harder for Honda to headbutt and slap him (and for Blanka to ball him), or that Zangief’s green hand didn’t get a larger hitbox in front of it, or that Zangief’s crouching roundhouse or standing forward didn’t get a little more range, and it sucks that overall Zangief’s changes were mostly gimmicks, but… is that really Honda’s fault?


Honda super fuckin teleports to the other side of the screen to hit fireballs. It’s almost not safe to bait him with jabs from a distance because he migh as well hit your fukin jab in recovery. Yeah it’s really fuckin fast. Great antiair too. Thank god you can hit it between hits, it would have been the best super in the game othewise (it’s still one of the best). He also has full meter after 3 seconds, which is a pain. That AND more floaty jump fierce AND jump lk beating sweeps AND jab headbutt (as someone else said if you do it late or in a disadvantage you’re gonna get smacked, but done at the right time and HHS out of it will beat anything they throw at you afterwards).

I don’t even think he looses to ryu that much anymore, only chars that beat him cleanly imo are ken and guile and it’s only really bad in case of guile (and it’s still easier than before).

I hate you honda players so much, almost all his matchups have become easier and you complain :(.

Don’t give me the “well i played DGV/damdai/Jesus’s ryu and he kicked my ass”, because, DOH.


Who’s complaining? I’m specifically saying to people to not complain about Honda. His matchups against fireball characters are significantly better, and his matchups against the characters he beats are no worse than before and in some cases closer than before.