Character bios: shum-gorath & black heart

who are they? im aking cuz i see no info of these 2 characters anywhere!

Yep, you gotta love Capcom’s choices from the Marvel roster besides the obvious ones (Cap, Spidey, X-Men, etc.).

  • Squid
  • Demon thingy
  • Robot (because the Japanese love robots, btw Sentinel in the Capcom games was a special Capcom design of Sentinel)
  • Six-armed chick
  • Samurai warlord
  • chick with bones

It should also be noted that in sprite form Acolytes, Jean Grey, and Professor X are in the Marvel games too, but only in endings. And Prof X was also a part of Onslaught. And Mephisto (not palette swap Blackheart lol), Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Beast and many others are in backgrounds. And Adam Warlock appears in Juggs’ MSH ending.

thx for the info. kinda wondered about shuma and blackheart.

Yeah, Capcom was really BAD at picking characters for their Marvel games. Marrow? Wtf? I’d have been much happier with Deadpool or something. He’d make some interesting taunts. :tup:

I’ve always thought Shuma should be at least Sentinal’s size in the game, and have super armor because of the armor in the comic. Oh well

Woah, Blackheart was in Daredevil? I did not know that.

The fact that he wasn’t playable in the game was some boshit.

Black Heart rulez!

Yeah, haha.

BH is the son of Mephisto.

So what if they picked some obscure characters?
They also got some obscure characters on Capcom’s side as well, like Jin and Son Son… (to western audiences, at least)

For those who never seen them:

Marvel Super Heroes endings:

Check Jugg’s ending for Adam Warlock, Cap for Thor, and BH for Mephisto.

X-Men COTA endings:

With sprite-made cameos of Prof. X, Jean Grey, Acolytes, and Mojo.

Nononono, Shuma, BH and the others are cool, there’s nothing wrong with them. What was lame was that crappy Morlock Marrow. That could’ve been Bishop, Deadpool, Taskmaster, playable Thor, Mr. Sinister, really anyone. Hell Dr. Strange would’ve been more fun than Marrow. :xeye:

If you ask me these aren’t the choices you should critisize.

The choices to critisize are: Amingo, Son Son, Ruby Heart, 2(!) wolverines, 2(!) ironmans. Also the joke characters: dan, servbot and roll. If you are not even going to bother to make them useable why even put them in the game?

That’s 8 character slots that could’ve gone to some other characters like AHEM* nightcrawler, demitri, sagat, cody, blanka, beast, rose/guy, daredevil/zero/carnage/shocker/anyone.

I like son son, ruby heart and amingo enough but really alot of those character spots could’ve been used alot better. But heck they made up a character before putting in nightcrawler or sagat?

i still wonder to this day what the fuck capcom was thinkin :xeye: ,what ever happen to jubilee or nightcrawler i thought they deserved to be in at least one vs series

Fuck that shit, Taskmaster and Deadpool before all those other people you listed.

Oh and Jubilee was in MvC1.

You gotta wonder. Even if you don’t agree with my choices you gotta think there would be alot or at least a few people who would be wanting to have those characters in the game. You can’t say there was even more than 1 or 2 guys hoping for the off chance amingo would make the cut.

I’m sure no one was like “man sagat and beast would be awesome but it just wouldn’t be a fighting game without son son”

My pick for a unexpected pic?: Luke Cage

Haha Juggernaut totally got the shaft in his ending and Thanos’ ending seems to be incorrect [the text boxes aren’t right].

Weren’t Ruby Heart/Son Son/Amingo new to MVC2? What were they in otherwise?

Amingo was in a music game of some kind, son son was in a puzzle game iirc.

Ruby Heart was made specifically for the game.