Character Change

Hello Guys,

I main RYU because he was easiest to start playing with. Learned all the basics and even some links as well. I still fail at DP FADC Ultra but main problem is I do not want to play RYU. Like i said just played him to learn stuff like the basics.

I want to Main Cody or Makoto. My question is… how hard is the transition for newbie players? I mean like i said i know the basics and nothing more. I know a lot about ssf4 in mind but cannot execute them when it comes to actual play. I would play cody (havent tried makoto) and get scraped by friends who i would usually destroy with ryu. I get so frustrated that i just end up using RYU to win…

What do you guys think? Is it just better to play what your better at or is changing a character as someone thats bad at the game basically like starting over? All i ever played was ryu and im still not sure what a lot of characters do. Help :]

Look in the Cody and Makoto forum on this site. There’s usually stickied posts about basic info about characters , as well as advanced combos and shit.

Alternatively, watch some replays on xbox live/psn. See what good players do and learn some of their tricks.

Figure out what some good punish moves are for your new characters, and when the opportunity presents itself… well… punish them.

Well nothing is wrong with learning the basics with Ryu, although I’d try to get that SRK FADC to Ultra 1 down. For Cody you really can’t play him like Ryu, when you pick up a new character you have to play them differently not all of the characters play the same. I’d go read up on the Cody forums or watch some vids of other Cody players and hit up training mode. As for Makoto she’s really advanced if you want to win with her, I don’t even try to attempt to use her since it’s too hard for me. Just keep practicing and remember to think while you play.

but do you guys think i should get my links and stuff like 100% before i move on to another character? I only started using ryu for practice because i heard hes well rounded and easy to learn off of. I can do links but just not alll the time and combos that are flashy and stuff i cannot do… jus simple pokes aa and probably 1 key BnB is all i knoe… so without knowing anyting else its not to bad to move to a different character right? and Zx-tole ur a beast hakan??? daaamn… haha and something about makoto i really wanted to play her until i JUST looked at her vids. i knoe wat kara throwing is but i dont knoe how to do it at all. and everyone about her is kara this kara that lol.

If you want to play makoto or cody, learning ryu isnt really that much benefitting you. You get a sense of footsies and combos, but you would play ryu differently then how you would play makoto or cody. Even though you are a newbie, you are better off just sticking to the character you like and develop an understanding of their normals ( how to space them) , knowing whats your character’s weakness to to to find ways to mke it better and knowing your general gameplan for MUs.

Makoto is definitely an advanced character so yeah stray away from dat until you truly grasp the ins and outs of the game and know every character. I switched from Ryu to Cody when SSF4 came out so yeah i think its a fairly easy transition. hes slow and has poor defense, but has frame traps, good stun combos, and zonks. if you dont know what those are, then i suggest you learn or you switch to someone like Cammy (who, in retrospective, is kind of harder).

Cody has a FADC combo very similar to Ryu’s, so learn how to FADC and just play with everyone a little. Get them atleast around 500 BP and read their guides on SRK. I would switch to Ryu just whoop friends and stuff but it takes time to adjust. If you want to switch, then go for it.

honestly i wont lie gettin to 500bp with every character is easy… on ranked matches i could just use random normals jump grabs and all that stuff to get to 500bp… i actually want to get GOOOOOOD so i can go play at the arcades, but as i thought i knew a lot of ssf4 theres more things that i never heard of… one being frame traps? wth is that… in terms of links and stuff is it much harder to do compared to ryu?

Without going into too much detail (if you don’t know some of the more advanced concepts yet), you need to understand that it will be harder to win with lower-tier characters, especially when you’re just starting out. Some tools that better characters have (better defensive/wakeup options, higher-damage combos, better mixup potential, etc) sometimes just don’t exist on the lower-tier characters, so you have to really be on your game to win consistently. I believe it’s very important to play a character that you enjoy, but it can be frustrating to have to face the challenges of being a newbie on top of the challenges of playing a low-tier character (I’ve been there, I know).

Regardless of tier placement, though, I agree with the sentiment that it’s better to learn fundamentals with more “traditional” characters like Ryu. Are you intimately familiar with links, cancels, FADC, tick throws, wakeup games, poking/footsies, and mixups? Then you might be ready for a more advanced/unconventional character, I’d say, but not before.

Thanks for the indepth answer Keres… To answer your questions I knoe most of what you listed such as links, cancels, FADC, WAKEUP GAMES, and poking/footies. Im not familiar with mixups and also tick throws. Also my links and fadc->combos arent what i can call on somehting to do. My execution on them are really bad actually… and when i say i knoe it means i know of them not that i can do all of them… i knoe the other basics like anti air and zoning… should i try to be able to execute things better before i switch? i mean links are near impossible for me to get all the time… and so is dp fadc ultra… i can RARELY do that one… let alone in a real game.

If you want to switch don’t bother working on the links for Ryu. If you need practice on links you need practice on links. Yes, being good at links will make the transition easier. However, knowing Ryu’s links won’t necessarily help you get Cody’s down.
If you want to play Cody, switch now and play Cody. It will take time to get to the point where you “know” Cody, so every match you use him is one match closer. Learn 1 BnB that hit confirms off a jab, 1 BnB for a punish on a whiffed DP/Ultra, and your AA. That’s enough to begin learning your character. From there you can play in matches and learn footsies, zoning, and mixups in order to land your combos. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a combo into ultra if your character has one and it’s practical (IE not DJ ex.mgu dash U2 or the like).
I would say practice your links and combos for 10-15 minutes every time you start playing, then play matches. Review some match replays and then work your problem areas for another 10-15 minutes at the end. If you play like an hour or two a day like this you should notice your game becoming more solid fairly quickly.

I personally think that if you’d like to pick up Cody then that would be a great choice. I see Cody as a type of Ryu, not quite like how Ken and Ryu, but a little bit similar. He’s got a decent at best projectile with the rocks, his Ruffian kick at different levels acts as a tatsu. Low for sweep, medium for combos, hard for anti-air and FADC > ultra, and criminal is the basis for all of your combos. Cody’s also got the zonk which is an amazing tool.

The only thing that might stump you is that Cody doesn’t have a solid wake-up game like a lot of other characters. But he makes up for that in his immense strength. He’s a great character with easy to perform and confirm combos. Pick him up.

Cody is fun. He’s like Ryu moreso because of his footsies capabilities than his Ruffian Kick. most of his normals have positive frame advantage on block which makes for some nasty frame traps. I like him b/c of how well he can pressure and rush down, and how weak the execution barrier to play this character is. He’s got a good amount of option selects that are too school for cool, like OS short RK and j.rh OS U2. His ability to mixup is something most players overlook too, with cross unders after air-to-airs, resets, and alternating between tick throws and tick EX Bingos also keeps them guessing.

make Cody your next character.

LOLLLL love you input there cl581… haha and thanks to all you guys i think im goin to start playing cody today and get whoooooped by my friends and also in endless… :] but there has to be a starting point right? :] hopefully whenever i get my ass handed to me i dont run back to ryu haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Trust me when i tell you, stick it out long enough and you’ll start feeling more comfortable with Cody. I used to lose almost all of my matches and now I win over half of them and the other day I beat 4 players in a row who were all above 2000 pp. That was a huge step for me in the confidence department. People will try and rush you down alot with Cody, so the first thing that will have to improve is blocking and throw teching (can’t mash shoryuken to get you out of trouble free like Ryu can lol). Also Cody has alot of moves: bad stone, 3 different crack kicks which all function completely differently, zonk which is unlike any move in the entire game (still learning it’s uses myself), criminal upper…etc. Learn to use them all to be effective. And try keep apponents fearful of what you’re going to throw out next with Cody due to his lack of reversals and slow start up on ALL of his moves. Bad stone is crucial to his game because without it you have nothing to keep apponent’s honest from a zoning distance (not even EX crack kick covers a full screen). Good luck if you pick Cody as your main…welcome to the gang! Oh, and one more thing, at first i wouldn’t suggest going for the knife unlest you’re up against a turtle, in which case, pick it up and start chipping away!

I’ve watched my friend get better with Cody since the day he started using him. Though he still does his silly habits, he has a new trick to use each time we fight.

It’s good learning the ropes with Ryu, he’s a really nice set of “training wheels” he teaches you the mechanics, and the fundamentals of the game. Personally if you’re looking to choose between Cody and Makoto, choose Cody. Main reason being because well, Cody is a fun character to use.

You’ll probobly get really excited, and think it’s really cool that he hits big combos. Also he can help you take your game one step further, he has combos, but can help you with other things.

While the pros like Flash Metroid, and ComboFiend make Makoto look really easy, she’s not. She’s just so, bad… In the right hands she can indeed be godlike, but Makoto has a very VERY VERY steep learning curve. So if you do choose makoto… be warned.

My final thought is… just go with the character you enjoy playing and looks cool to you. It may sound dumb at first, but trust me, the game is a lot more funner when your playing with someone your style and looks awesome too :wink:

Losing with new characters is a good thing - let it be a guide on what you need to improve. If your friends you can beat with ryu kill you when you use someone else, that’s normal. Don’t switch back to help your ego

As for starting over - welp that’s the nature of using new dudes, get used to it :slight_smile:

Hahah yea ive been practicing a lot with cody a lot lately… for someone that starts up slow and shitty on wakeups he has so many moves… i cant even choose which ones to use at which times because theres so many. haha thanks a lot for all your help cody was always appealed to me ever since i met a really good cody online and super whooped my ass and looked like he was the ultimate gangster shiit :]… if u guys live near the us add me on psn lets play or something i actually like playing people from the forums because you guys are so friendly and helpful :]