[Character Choice] Fundamentals based



I need some advice about the next character i would like to learn. What i look for is a character that strongly relies on fundamentals, with a versatile moveset. I’m at best an average player, and i realize that many times, i win using cheap tricks or spamming hard-to-react moves. And on the other side, i’m still unable to reliably anti-air and i don’t have a strong neutral game.

With a character that needs strong basics to be efficient (not only at a high level play, but also for average players), i hope that i can improve my gameplay. What are, in your opinion, the best characters for this ?

Thanks for you feedback


Cammy, Chun, Guile, Ryu, and Necalli fit the bill imo.
-cammy for an aggressive but balanced footsies style
-chun for a more defensive footsies style with a situational fireball
-guile for an even more defensive style with an amazing fireball game
-ryu if you want a strong fireball but prefer motion characters to charge characters. less defensive than guile.
-necalli if you want a slightly more ‘crazy’ style with huge damage and a command grab (still very fundamentals based)

karin is also very fundamentals based but she has poor AA and a few gimmicks up her sleeve which might make her a poor choice for you.

personally I say play whoever you enjoy, though… you can build bad habits with every character and you can also build fundamentals with every character. it’s up to you and not your character to avoid bad habits.


My preference goes to Ryu, as he seems more balanced between offense and defense. Also, a fireball is a plus.
Thanks for your reply !