Character Choice SSF4


Hey guys i’ve had ssf4 for a little while now and it’s my first fighting game. I first picked up ryu cuz i saw a daigo video when i first started playing ^.^. I’m kinda bored with him and frustrated because there match up i never win with him (Dhalsim…). Any good ideas for characters that aren’t hard to pick up, but at the same time are good characters. I was thinking Dudley or Rose I really like those 2.


play with whoever is fun for you. from there, learn the basics, combos, match ups, and enjoy


I’m tired of this.

-We don’t know you
-We don’t know what you like
-We don’t know anything aside from SSFIV popped your cherry and you followed Daigo
-You lose matches

So here’s what you do: Go to trials. Start from left to right then the next row and so forth. Give each character a fair shot. Even if a character is “easy to pick up” it may not be who you like.


Okay easy, All i’m doing is asking for your opinion.


sakura is fun, so is ken
neat variants on the shoto platform. im itching to play with gouken


Here’s my opinion…stop being lazy and play through all the characters.
There are trials/arcade mode in there…play through them and figure out who you feel the most.
Have matches with characters…see which flows.
If you still haven’t come to a decision…SSF4 is probably not for you.


Why ask our opinion when you go into the game like Hatred said and try out the characters yourself?

Seriously you new players are the ultimate sheep. Sad times.


just stick it out with ryu, learn the matchup against dhalsim.

if you switch characters because of a bad matchup here and there youll never have a real main.


Well Ryu is generally a good beginner to expert character, if you think you’re tired of him, either try other motion characters that fit your play style or go all out and try charge characters. Personally charge characters were never my cup of tea so I never used them(though I have tried them). IMO you should start with a “harder” character since you’re tired of Ryu, I assume that you can execute most of his BnB leaving the harder characters more potential.

My friend started out with basically SFIV, used Ryu throughout it’s life to mid way SSFIV and decided to use Akuma months ago. In the end he says he’s sticking with Akuma since he’s basically Ryu with crap life and lots more options and he’s the type of player not to change(started picking up the game on a fight stick just recently too).