Character Choice: Tier Rating vs "Fun Factor"

I need some help here: Where do you guys draw the line from having fun to picking a good character in most fighting games? I feel like although I do enjoy the fighting style or gameplay of one character, I know I could do a whole lot better by tier whoring and picking a different character to make life simpler for me.

Examples for me: SSF4; I used to play Blanka “seriously” but I would still have fun, then I switched to Dan as a joke. At first it was a joke, then he was pretty fun (and challenging) to play. I decided to actually learn him and I got some decent practice but I get destroyed completely with a record of 3-30 online with him, but playing high level players in quick match probably wouldn’t help either. But playing Blanka I did a whole lot better.

Now with UMvC3, I play X-23, Dr. Doom, and Nova. I love the way that they play, I didn’t care how good they were because I enjoyed doing their combos and the characters themselves. I also didn’t wanna be just another Dante, Akuma, Wolverine, Vergil, Wesker etc. user also. However, I struggle so damn hard to barley get a win with my characters but seeing how “easy” the other top characters are, I question and wonder why I don’t switch sometimes.

Should I just stop screwing around and actually pick “good” characters? Or should I keep getting bodied with characters I like?

It depends entirely on your goals. Do you want to win? or do you want to have fun? Usually it’s two completely separate things, and the same goes with your character selection.

You can have fun going 2 and out in every tournament and picking Dan, or you can start to take the game seriously (which usually takes some fun out of it) and pick a character that you believe is going to net you as many wins as possible.

If you aren’t making money, then you should be playing for fun.

Lots of people think winning is fun so they pick who they win with more.

What makes a character “good” is if you have fun playing them,

…or if you make money playing them :wink:

So many people forget that you probably started playing games for…FUN, but the nature of being competitive can get in the way(when you arent winning tourneys) if you dont realize why you are spending your time on this hobby in the 1st place.

For a lot of people, winning is fun. Do you think you would have more fun playing Dan and getting bodied by everyone, or choosing Akuma and winning a lot? You could find a balance between the two by seeing who you could replace with a “better” character and see if the synergy works or you could choose one character you like the most and choose the other two based on that character. In my honest opinion you have a very good tournament viable team. Also you should keep in mind that the weakest link on your team is the character you’re the most inexperienced with, even if it is Wesker. So I think you should always find a good balance between fun and winning, but in your situation I think you should stick with that team and only switch someone out because you found someone else who has better synergy with the other two.

@eltrouble: I want to do both if I could. But realistically I would rather have fun first, and at least not get bodied but lose to close matches, and lastly, win.
@aceofspades321: Honestly I would have fun with both, but I’m just flat out a sore loser, and I like being the “best” even though I’m terrible at things. So although I would enjoy actually winning, I don’t think I wouldn’t have as much fun as playing for fun though.

It takes a lot of dedication to make a mediocre character into a winning character, and requires that you fully know your character, their matchups, and your personal skill would have to be very high as well. It’s like playing a Poker hand with a shitty hand. Yes, sure, you can outplay your opponents, and it might work sometimes. However, against high-level play, the odds are heavily stacked against you.

If you want to have fun, then pick a character that you enjoy, but is still competitively viable. Preferably a character that doesn’t have TOO many bad matchups, and if you do, make sure you at least have a fighting chance to win those matchups.

Everybody wants to have fun AND win, but more often than not, you will have to favor one over the other. To be the very best at anything, just wanting to have fun isn’t enough.

I hate this, but ultimately you’ll have more fun with a char higher on the tier lists. Chars lower tend to have fewer options or can’t get their gimmick to come out juuuuust right and so get manhandled. I was one those losers who REALLY wanted to play makoto in super, but when it came down to it its just frustrating to go to casuals and get reamed on…

Play for fun, but if a character that you truly enjoy also happens to be a top tier, don’t let that stop you from enjoying yourself.

Who says you can’t do both?

Play a viable character that’s also fun.

Dr. Doom and Nova are difficult? LOLwut? They’re both good characters, and both have good assists. If you like those characters, don’t give up on them because another character looks easier; they’re not that hard either once you give 'em a go. Just learn what to do during the neutral game (When nobody is in hitstun) and you’ll be launching those practiced combos in no time. Make sure that you know how to carry someone over to the corner with Doom’s combos, since his corner loops are beastly damage and meter. Also, remember that his laser beam and air photon shot can be good zoning tools, and a single hidden missile (if you have the opportunity to launch it) can keep the foe honest and stop their combo.

X-23 is incredibly difficult in comparison, although she’s really good when you learn her and nobody knows how to fight her when played well. I’d suggest learning the other two first before really working on her. You’re gonna be practicing and failing a lot with feint cancels, but the result is one of the best ranged fast pokes in the game.

Even a low tier character can give a high tier character a hard time.

Winning is fun.

Choose whoever makes you win.

This. I hate when people pick a character they want to play “for fun” and then bitch about how their character isn’t good enough, or how my character(s) are too good. I’m pretty sure I’m having a lot more fun winning then you are at bitching at me…

Besides, team trenchcoats is a lot of fun.

In my experience tiers don’t really matter that much until you approach high mid - top level play if that influences your decision at all.

Some days I just want to win.

Some days I just want to win using Dan.

If you’re having fun with certain characters, it’s easier to train with them and get better with them. And when you’re better at executing the combos, you’re more likely to win. It takes longer to get better than with some brainless top tier character sure, but I find at the end of the day it’s worth it. I enjoy the game more when I pick characters that are fun for me to play even if I lose.

I hear that, man.

More often than not, I just want to win with Dan all the time, but there is the reality that I will eventually lose. What matters is that I continue onward though, and have a good time with it…Otherwise it would feel like work and I would lose interest all the more.

Well that’s enough babbling from me; mad tired posting this after work.
Long as you play your chosen char and enjoy doing it, all is well…dozes off

How many of the top/high tier characters have you tried? Have you considered the possibility that you will like playing them as much as you will like Dan?

What is your end goal win vs friends, win local tourneys, place high in regionals and be known, win evo.

Win vs friends unless they are high level players pick who ever you have the most fun with.

Win locals pick for fun but realize low tier means more work more time less mistakes but you can succeed unles you in NYC or Cali locals.

Place high at regionals you are not going to be able to do this with low tier. Low tier has to many bad matchups and you are going to run into someone whos good. Mid tier you can do this zangief or bison or rose some other b b+ level char with work you should be fine if you work.

Evo you need to pick b+ a a+ tier to make top eight unles you get really lucky.