Character choice

Alright, there have been discussions I have seen lately about choosing a character and why etc. Do some of you choose characters because of something you like or by a tier list etc. Well here is what I want to ask you all. Do you ever have those times when you main a character and you play and play and play your heart out with them. Just can’t seem to find ways to improve or get stumped or something about a certain character always beating you down? Does this ever influence you to change your main up? Like everybody knows which characters are good in SSF4 AE2012 . Ryu, Sagat, Seth, Chun li, Abel, etc. So say for instance when you do decide to change it up in your game plan to learn a new Character. Lets say you look at Ryu. You like is mobility and moves. His combos and everything about him, except one thing. About a million people play him. Does this discourage you from playing him cause you don’t want to be a number out in the crowd with him. Or is your choice made because of his level of skill and how well you can play with him. Or is it even you would rather pick a character that is rarely used and be the next big thing that can stand out and prove that characters worth? like how Adon was so underestimated in the beginning. Now you can see tons of beast Adon players. Im curious to see how you guys play the games when it comes to situations like this. Cause I know we all strive to be better. Can dropping a main character be a learning opportunity for the search to find your true character that works just perfectly just the way you were truly meant to play? Lets hear what you have to say.

I can’t really understand this thread that well, the lack of spacing out the points and mass of questions mashed together make it hard to understand the point of it.

If it does just boil down to a question of how do you pick your mains, then I would say I simply go for the ones which seem to accomodate my playstyle the most, nothing else really comes into it.

yeah I know it’s a lot to read and well tons of questions. Basically what I’m trying to say is do you tend to jump character to character to find who works best for you. Also have you ever had a time that you wanted to drop your main for something new. Simply as I can put it haha. Sorry for the confusion.

I play through all characters and use the one i think i have a good chance of winning with, and those characters usually end up being high in the tiers

also you should space your sentences out

Ah that simplification is better, I’d say that I do always stick to the character that works best for me, but that is including acceptance that I may eat a load of losses until I can use the character to a point where he/she will work best for me.

Sometimes I want to try someone new, but I’ve never really wanted to drop my main to do it, the way I see it is that a transition of one main to another would be the result of just ending up feeling better playing a secondary, and almost unconcious thing rather than a set descision of “I’m going to drop this guy and pick up this guy instead”

For me, it’s a question of both whether I like the character aesthetically and storyline-wise and and gameplay-style. Gameplay usually trumps aesthetics, as evidenced by me not using Spidey in MvC3 despite him being my favorite Marvel character. But storyline is important to me as well.

I also try not to pick characters based on tiers. Makoto and Wesker are just coincidences, I swear! >_>

I have a flowchart. __________________________________>Yes: PICK!
>Yes: Do they play rushdown?
(starthere)Do they look cool*?
__>No: Eh… if there are none above me, I’ll make do with a lame uncool unawesome rush char then I guess…
*>No: Screw them. Hahaha… unless above yes isn’t possible.
If this flowchart looks like shit when I post it, I’m not redoing it.
tl:dr - I pick cool looking rush characters, or just rush characters if that’s not possible.
I fixed the flowchart. Probably still doesn’t work at all. Uggg

You should play who you want to play, and not worry about either what people think about it, or why people are playing the characters that they are playing. It is every players responsibility to put themselves in the best position to win, through character choice, controller choice, playstyle choice, etc; it’s just a matter of making the decisions that are going to work out best for you, which is a highly personal affair with no ‘right’ answer.

I always want to learn different characters but the ones I want to play take too much time to have the same win rate with. I wanted to play akuma/abel as an alternate to sagat but they have tons of setups/mixups to learn to be really good. So I just end up keeping ryu as an alt and play sagat most of the time. Easy bnb combos, can win with mostly spacing and fundamentals, plus easy ultra setups.

this is gonna be quite long, read along if u want, i need some advice:

At first when AE released, I was maining ryu, as it was the character I knew and it was a classic character ( big sf2 fan ). but I’ve played as him for a couple months, the strategy isn’t as fun as it used to be. I like to rushdown and make the opponent look stupid. I’ve noticed, not sure about all ryu’s but ryu is sort of a turtle character, except when he throws fireball then he’s controlling the game. Anyway, I started picking other characters, i’ve tried ken,honda,seth,e.ryu, abel, dhalsim, blanka, fei long and adon. I picked seth as he was a rushing character and watching poongko was crazy. but i noticed in order to be a great seth player you can not fail your executions or its game over. I decided to change because of this and his low health to adon as he was a character which wasn’t picked usually. he’s okay but his moves are very limited. fei long was also a character i enjoyed playing, but because i use a te stick, it is difficult to to rekka’s, well repeating the three motions. I don’t know how to find a character that fits me, does anybody have any advice on how to find out which character fits me?

P.S - with the characters I mentioned of me trying, with majority of them i got around 1500bp on each so I wasn’t completely clueless, i learnt the combos and strategies etc…

I want a character which is viable*

thanks in advance if anybody helps

Every character takes work. I dunno what you expect to find. There isn’t going to be any character that you’ll just start winning with right off the bat. you just have to buckle down and make a decision and deal with the disadvantages the character has.

I pick a character based on looks and after using them in training mode I decide to keep using them or not.

hmm true, thanks and i’ll try that