Character Colors

Choose your character with…
Y for color 1
X for color 2
A for color 3
B for color 4

Alex’s Colors
Batsu’s Colors
Casshan’s Colors
Chun Li’s Colors
Doronjo’s Colors
Frank West’s Colors
Gold Lightan’s Colors
Ippatsuman’s Colors
Joe the Condor’s Colors
Jun the Swan’s Colors
Kaijin no Soki’s Colors
Karas’ Colors
Ken the Eagle’s Colors
Megaman Volnutt’s Colors
Morrigan’s Colors
Polimar’s Colors
PTX-40A’s Colors
Roll’s Colors
Ryu’s Colors
Saki’s Colors
Tekkaman’s Colors
Tekkaman Blade’s Colors
Viewtiful Joe’s Colors
Yatterman-1’s Colors
Yatterman-2’s Colors
Zero’s Colors

In CGoH, Tatsunoko characters only had color 1 and 2, while Capcom characters had color 1, 2, and 3.

For old time’s sake: Hakushon Daimao’s Colors

i hope they add more colors in the us version, especially for the tatsunoko characters. it certainly wouldnt disappoint me if they didnt, but it would be cool if they did.

whenever someone loses a joe ditto, they should be forced to pick the yellow joe outift for the rest of the day/tourny/life.

They really should add more colors. I love all the variant colors in SF3 and it wouldn’t be that hard to add more colors so this. The texture maps are so simple it would take so little time to make color variants.

Definitely agree with you guys, some more colors would be nice.

Ha, V.Joe should have had a Green outfit as a Kamen Rider reference, Silver Lightan looks better than the original Gold Lightan in my opinion. And Roll in pink dress is easily one the cutest and most adorable things ever, but Red dress is always the best.

And yeah, a few colors more would be nice.

i got a noob problem -_-

i cant get the pink drees or any of the secret colors you mention… B or A dosnt work… A is for P1 color and B is for P2 color… can anybody tell me what im doing wrong??


You need to buy the 3rd player colors for the Capcom characters. They show up in the shop after you play the character’s minigame.

The Tatsunoko characters didn’t get a 3rd color offered in the shop. Instead you could buy a profile section for each character, for the gallery section of the game.

Saki needs better colors :frowning:

Btw, thanks for this, Midboss.

Yeah more colors would be nice it seems. Dident know there was only 2-3.

ok i got it, thanks a lot!!

thats exactly what they did :bgrin:

…You do realize he said that back in October, right?

Also, why did you need to necropost?