Character colours

can someone please tell me what i have to press to get the white outfit for all the characters, sorry if this thread has already been made and if it has can some one give me the http:… plz

so thats the white outfit for all the characters (if they have one)

Get a whiteout pen & colour over your TV. You’ll never need to worry about your outfit ever again! :tup:

what if my ibuki pulls off some insane combos? her colors keep changing from pink to white…=(

Ibuki-hp (silver)
Q-lk (white/silver)
Yun- various, default, lk
Akuma-hk (i believe)

Stupid Question: Are the Start+P or K colors useable in the Arcade?

No, just the lp-mk-fp colour and the default set.


Is there a pink colored gi of ryu? I think I saw it but I have to make sure…

u pick default color 12, and XCOPY everyone!!

start + LP

other pink characters(you know someone will ask):

Chun-Li: start+LK, HK(not quite as pink)
Dudley: HP
Elena: MP, Start+HP
Ibuki: Start+HP
Makoto: LP+MK+HP
Q: Start+HP
Remy: Start+MK
Twelve: Start+LK
Yang: Start+HP
Sean: God mode cheat

can you people please stop copying me by saying that PInk Sean is the best? Because he really does more damage than the other coloured seans.

What about black…anyone know everyone’s black costumes, I only know Chun Li’s start+hk and Remy’s start+hp.

Ryu - HP
Ken - LP+MK+HP
Makoto - HK
Yun - LP+MK+HP
Akuma - LP
Alex - LP+MK+HP (not sure)
Dudley - HK
Yang - LP+MK+HP
Sean - MP
Elena - MK
Hugo - HP

why is ryu missing his left hand majin ryu?

alex is lp mk hp i believe