Character Combos on Dhalsim


For a while, I’ve been actually noticing something really weird. Whenever Dhalsim finishes hitstun, he gets this lag thing where he disappears and reappears and as far as I know you can’t escape from that animation. What I was able to do was to pull off a grab traps like Rogue kiss grab and Anakaris mummy drop. I was even able to find these character infinites with Felicia and Magneto where you can sand splash (For Felicia) and HP for Magneto and then call out Anakaris assist and run to the other side and repeat. I even found this Zangief thing where you can grab Dhalsim by dashing and then regrab him.

I don’t know if this stuff was already discovered (I wouldn’t be surprised because the game is pretty old), but I just want to bring it up. I’m pretty sure many other characters can do some Anakaris assist infinites, but I only did a couple of characters as of now.


It’s an artifact left over from X-Men Vs. Street Fighter, although in that game hits after his air recovery combo’d. Since he’s not used in competitive play, there hasn’t been any reason to make concrete setups to take advantage of it. I wouldn’t bes urprised if a couple xbl heads had some anti-dhalsim tech, there’s still a few low tier players banging around who have a lot of tricks…

Not really too relevant but there’s a few other odd leftovers from character’s previous iterations in the game like Silver Samurai’s standing FP ( which is crouch cancellable ) and Storm’s ground dash which has a tiny bit of the invincible frames from X-Men CotA ( showcased in Advanced Tactics 2 where Storm is seen wave dashing through Magnetic’s Shockwave super ).