Character Comparisons

Hi! I’m totally new to UMvC3 (and fighting games in general, especially because I come from a Brawl background, if that even counts as one…), so some of my statements will probably be completely and utterly false and I would like to apologize in advance for that.

This is probably a direct result of my extremely shallow analysis, but a lot of characters seem to serve very similar functions on a team, and to me, I can’t tell why I should choose one over the other because they’re just so similar.

For example, what’s the important difference between the following, functionally?

They’re all successful rushdown characters, who all benefit from beam/projectile assists and land big combos with their mixups. They can all self-OTG and rack up lots of damage. I know there are some small, obvious differences, but what’s the one difference that nuances their roles on a team?

Same for this group too:

Their assists, specials, and moves are similar to me…

Or these two?

(Besides Doom’s missile assist… for people who run the beam assist, at least.) They have pretty amazing air games and aerial combos, or at least that’s my shallow perspective on the two of them.

And this is probably really stupid, but what about the DMC brothers?

They both have long range and are super combo machines, although Dante builds up a lot of meter and Vergil ends up spending a lot of meter. (If that’s the only difference, why does anyone ever use Vergil other than his Spiral Swords DHC?)

Thank you very much for helping out this struggling new player! :slight_smile: There’s probably a lot more characters that aren’t super unique that I can think of… but I’m failing right now.

And again, I apologize for anything overtly stupid or the possible misplacement of this entire thread.

Dante/Vergil = One has red trenchcoat, other has blue trenchcoat.

With the ground rush characters you mentioned (Wolvie, Baby Wolvie, Kitty) I guess I could break it down since I main 23 and know enough about the rest.

**Wolverine = Extremely short character when standing. The easiest to combo with and generally use of the 3 making him the best for beginners. He is an extremely strong character despite his ease of use and very capable of doing well at tournaments easily because of such. **

He’s short enough to duck under Wesker’s gun without crouching. Has a dive kick that ground bounces on air hit and stuns or staggers on ground hit. Making it extremely easy for him to combo if it lands and is safe on block unless they block it in the air or XF guard cancel it. Has a wall jump like the other 2 but it doesn’t move him very far or very fast. Has a special move (Berserker Slash) that creates an easy mode self mix up where he attacks after running a certain distance and the distance you do it from determines if he’ll cross up or not. Doesn’t really have a typical wave dash (can’t repeatedly mash on dash to dash over and over). You have to do a plink dash to dash multiple times with him but his dash does travel him pretty far. Has pretty solid normals including a 4 frame s.L with solid range, nicely disjointed and can confirm into combos. He doesn’t really have the best range on his launcher but it works. No longer has any moves that are invincible to help him get in so he is pretty reliant on dashes with assists and aerial techniques with drill claw to help him get in. Although he mainly focuses on left/right for mix ups he can high/low with an assist with his j.L or j.M for instant overhead into combo. If he’s in XF I believe he can self instant overhead into combo.

Outside of that you’ll activate his berserker charge super which forces you to not be able to build meter but makes all of his normals slightly faster in frames and generally gives him that extra push he needs to get in when the going gets tough. Has damaging supers but all of them outside of berserker charge are basically for combo extension. Assists are ok but none really shine and not really what you want to depend on for a tournament outside of the b slash one which is a weak lockdown assist.

Can’t self OTG unless he turns on XF after doing df+M slide. Meaning he has to pop XF to self OTG into anything. Otherwise needs an assist that will keep them up in the air as he does the slide to properly follow up after self OTG.

X-23 = Similar in some respect to Wolvie. Wants to left/right (get behind you) for the majority of her mix up but also happens to have a slow start up but far travelling command grab. Easily the most difficult execution and mix up wise to utilize so she’s not really a rushdown type character to recommend to beginners. She has some things you can easily do with her as a beginner but nothing that will get you the pay off of just mashing on special moves and dive kick with Wolvie.

Some nice ranged ground normals including a s.H that doubles as an anti air and a ground poke to deal with ground pokes and aerial characters trying to air dash in. Has a much better wall jump that travels her quickly across the screen and at a good distance. A bit better ground movement with a wave dash that makes her really small and is probably the fastest wave dash in the game. Can close the gap during footsie battles very quickly. Also has the best aerial movement of the 3 with the wall jump, her M and H talon attacks which basically turn her into a dive kick that shoots across the screen extremely fast (really good with assists) and talon dive and L talon attacks which basically allow her to do 2 dive kicks in the air before landing. Even has a dragon punch style move that she can use in the air also. She excels on the ground but can close the gap from the ground or air more quickly than the other 2.

Unlike Wolverine…her mix up is not quite as easy to put together but is basically even stronger and safer when put together. She does not have a move that self left/right mixes up people like berserker slash. Her mix up is a bit more execution and assist based overall. She has a move that is capable of it and gives her mix ups that can occur even faster but it requires you to use her command dash (M mirage feint). What you essentially do is call an assist and right before the assist hits the opponent you do the M mirage feint. It’s extremely hard to see if X-23 will be in front or behind you when she does this because the command dash moves extremely fast and starts up in 3 frames. If they blocked the wrong way and the assist hits them, perform combo. She also has the ability to a talon dive (air d+H) which allows her to do a dive kick literally right off the ground. There’s no minimum height to start it and it lands extremely ambiguously. So ambiguously that she can dash in and cross you up with it without actually going behind you. Creating extremely hard to block left/right mix ups when people are crouching. To compensate for this she only has one real move that can set up overheads and it’s pretty slow to start up. Meaning she is pretty much completely reliant on moving behind her opponent for her standard mix up. She does not go high/low like standard fighting games characters.

To compensate for being so left/right oriented she has the ability to cancel her normals like C.Viper or Makoto and give them more frame advantage on block. If she mirage feint cancels her s.H it becomes + 12 on block which essentially gives her a +12 on block launcher she can rapid fire and basically creates an infinite block string. Which makes her a very frame trap heavy character allowing her to wait for the opponent to press a button and then capitalize. Considering her L normals are among the shortest ranged in the game this is important to learn. She also has a slower start up but very far travelling command grab that can grab the opponent from literally half the screen away. You can call an assist to keep it save on block or whiff and gives her another tool to keep people on their toes. All of her super moves have large amounts of invincibility to help her get out of sticky situations and get in on lame out. Including a level 1 (weapon x prime) that is invincible for a whole second (which is crazy for a fighting game in general). Her level 3 is best set up with assists as it basically allows her to trap people as they are entering the fight and basically kill them off with an XF cancel. Making her a character you want to kill before she gets 3 bars or she may kill off your next character before you get to use them.

X-23 is a bit more reliant on assists to get her special moves to work but they cover a lot of area when used with the right assists and make her extremely hard to touch. Her special moves with assists and her supers allow her to get in the most easily of the 3 characters. She can self OTG without XF but only into super without an assist. Otherwise she needs an assist or turn on XF to extend.

Felicia: Similar to X-23 in ground movement. Kinda like a nice blend of Wolvie and X-23 in the same character. Which IMO makes her in theory the best of the 3 in this game. She doesn’t have the super varied, super speed aerial movement of X-23 or the invincible supers to get in on a dime’s notice, but has solid options with assists to get in. Also is easily the best in XF of the 3 characters and has solid assists allowing her to be a big threat no matter which spot on the team you put her on. Making it less confusing to figure out where to put her. A bit of execution is required of her but not as much as X-23. Doesn’t have the sheer, easy raw damage of Wolvie or the aerial movement and unblockable level 3 options of X-23 but has her own cheap things including a fast command grab anytime she gets near you.

Fast wave dash that travels her across the screen quickly. Her air movement previously wasn’t too great with only a wall jump (a solid one that allows her to jump the full screen across). Now on top of that she gets the ability to do her delta kick in the air which is essentially a forward travelling dive kick that ground bounces if all the hits connect. Which means she has solid aerial movement but like Wolvie…doesn’t really have any moves that are invincible that help her get in or any moves that travel her across the screen as blazing fast as X-23. Meaning you’ll need careful movement with assists to get you in reliably.

Her normals are really solid including a rapid fire 4 frame s.L that confirms into combos rather easily and is positive on block. It has a long hit box that is disjointed meaning at the correct range standard normals where the opponent punches or kicks will lose. Also has other very solid normals including her s.H which hits multiple times, has a disjointed box and has a big hit box that can stuff standing, crouching normals and even anti air somewhat effectively. Her c.L has solid range and speed but her other crouching normals are a bit limited in range and recovery. Generally if you stick to c.L and her standing normals on the ground you should be fine. The one big thing that Felicia has over Wolverine and X-23 is that she has a faster and higher normal jump than both of them. Meaning she can air throw people out of bad aerial attacks and movements extremely easily. She can self OTG into full combos and is not reliant on assist or XF to properly OTG. Making it so although she might not have the best aerial movement…you better not stay in the air too often against Felicia unless you like losing a lot of life. She’s good at keeping air dashing characters grounded.

Her mix up game mostly revolves around her 5 frame command grab. It has huge range for a rushdown style character and basically makes her a rushdown grappler. Which is a rare character archetype in fighting games. Worrying about high/low or left/right isn’t enough. If you block too long you’re going to get grabbed with a grab that you can’t tech out of and she can also self OTG off the grab into full combos. Even her regular grabs allow her to self OTG into full combos. Meaning if you get grabbed any way at all by Felicia…you’re going to take a combo. Like X-23 she has a command dash that allows her to run behind the opponent with an assist to left/right mix them up into a combo but the command dash is much slower to start up than X-23’s. Her M Cat Spike can do the same left/right style mix up but much faster and doesn’t require an assist. She doesn’t have any special moves at all that hit overhead so her main mix ups are going to be grappler style tick throws and left/rights with assists or her M cat spike. The other main mix up she uses is forcing people to guess if she’s going to air throw them when they’re in the air or if she’s going to M cat spike. If the opponent tries to tech her air throw and she does an M cat spike instead, it will ground bounce them since they are in the air and put them in full combos. The M cat spike has a really disjointed hit box and is difficult to poke out.

The main key factor about her special moves is that they all negate advance guard extremely well without an assist. Meaning she doesn’t have to worry as much about people pushing her out after they block like Wolvie or X-23. Making her more self sufficient once she gets in than either of them. This makes her an extremely dangerous XF character since she can just stay in once she gets in in XF and all her throws and command throws will lead to dead characters. She also has an infinite in XF that will slow down the time that the XF runs out and is an infinite block string that the opponent can’t advance guard. This makes her command grab game extremely dangerous when in XF and she gets a 45 percent speed increase in XF3 making her impossible to run away from. Her combos are a bit execution intensive in XF3 but once you learn it she basically becomes more of a problem than Dark Wesker.

Her supers are interesting . She has one that just standard extends combos. The second level 1 is basically a super that summons a kitty helper. This kitty helper activates as you press buttons. What it does is a body splash that hits overhead. Meaning once you get close to people with the kitty all you have to do is mash on c.L and the opponent basically can’t block anymore if they’re on the ground. Forcing them to have to jump up in the air to avoid eating an unblockable. Once you do that you set them up with air throw/M cat spike mix ups until they get hit. Basically giving her her own assist that lasts for 10 seconds that sets up unblockable situations. The kitty also can’t be advance guarded so once you get in you’re staying in. It also can hit the opponent if you end up getting hit which can save you from getting comboed. The kitty is invincible and can not be hit or take any damage. Making it a super assist the opponent can’t get rid of.The only issue is kitty travels rather slowly so it’s better to have the opponent already in the corner so they have to deal with it. It’s a great way to tear down a team after you kill one character in the corner. Her level 3 is just a standard attack level 3 that you can hold a button down to determine the range it shoots forward. If it hits you do big damage and you can actually dash up and OTG and self relaunch into more damage after. It also has a whole second of invincibility making it a nice last ditch attempt to hit the opponent if they’re just chucking fireballs at you all day from the ground.

As a last minute note…I talked about wall jumps for all these characters because wall jumps are techniques that allow you to move in on people zoning you while still being able to air block and call assists (since they’re not special moves). Making X-23’s and Felicia’s wall jumps particularly useful. They’re also great ways to get out of sticky corner situations and then put your opponent in the corner.

Key differences between Akuma and Ryu:


  • Faster dash/general movement
  • Command teleport move
  • At least 2 dive kick moves
  • Tatsu assist absorbs projectiles and comes out faster than Ryu’s. On point, Tatsu can be comboed off of.
  • Can self-OTG and relaunch. Has an aerial ground bounce move as well.
  • Can follow up his air throw with a combo
  • LVL3 is an unblockable high damaging hyper. Can only be linked into TK Beam hyper. Cannot be comboed into.
  • Better air mobility, optoins and mix ups thanks to air command flip moves. Can throw fireballs in the air among other options.
  • Prefers anchor slot on team
  • Low health: 750K
  • Stubby normals for the most part
  • Air beam can only be aimed diagonally downwards but his beam is faster than Ryu’s on start up
  • No wall bounce move


  • Solid health at 1 million
  • Beam hyper can be aimed in various directions
  • Solid normals in range/priority and frame advantage
  • Can power up to gain access to more powerful hypers and faster speed which unlocks new combo options. Builds meter during this mode
  • Various fireball and shoryuken options
  • Has a Wall bounce move
  • LVL3 hyper can be comboed into or comboed from
  • Prefers first or 2nd slot on team
  • Tatsu assist is slower but does more hit stun than Akuma’s. Hits only 3 times so it scales less. On point, Tatsu can only be comboed off in power up mode.
  • Slightly better X factor values
  • Limited movement/options in the air
  • Cannot combo off of air throw solo. Can only OTG Beam hyper
  • No OTG move and no ground bounce move

And there are a ton of differences between Dante and Vergil, more so than this pair.


  • Tons of options to control space on the screen
  • Numerous safe pressure tools as well as safe defensive tools
  • Devil Trigger gives access to more moves and more aerial options. Only gives damage boost and health regeneration. One move is a full screen beam that does a ton of chip and the other is an invincible Psycho Crusher like move.
  • Has an air dash and a double jump by default
  • High ranged/priority normals but not as high as Vergil’s
  • A better, safer Stinger than Vergil’s
  • Helm Breaker move can be special cancelled into moves like Hammer for safety
  • Standard LVL3 hyper
  • Great assist selection. Jam Session for vertical lock down control and Weasel Shot for horizontal projectile coverage. Crystal for OTG and space cover usage.
  • Choice meter builder team thanks to powerful pressure/space control game
  • Tracking teleport only teleports one location (up back)
  • Cannot combo properly off of air throw solo
  • Slow jabs
  • Sort of higher execution requirement to maximize damage


  • Numerous mix ups options and lock down tools
  • Three types of tracking teleports front, back and up
  • Some of the highest ranged/priority normals in the game
  • Can easily perform a full BnB off of an air throw
  • Strong reset/mix up game
  • Helm Breaker can be cancelled into teleports
  • Devil Trigger buffs all specials hit boxes, gives faster speed, damage buff, health regeneration and ability to air dash/double jump
  • Extremely powerful DHC options. Prefers 2nd spot on team.
  • Decent assist selection that can be buffed with DT. Rapid Slash for horizontal coverage with huge push back on block and hit, does soft knockdown for easy combos in corner. Judgment Cut is a space covering assist, a bit more safe to use. Rising Sun for potent cross over counter combos.
  • Choice meter user on team thanks to powerful utility/neutral hypers
    +/- Most damaging LVL3 in the game, hits OTG, staggers after hit but has to be in Devil Trigger mode to access it
  • Cannot whiff cancel normals into specials without Devil Trigger mode. Overall not as safe as Dante. Tons of recovery on normals on the ground.
  • Not as many options to control the screen and pressurize like Dante
  • Has no double jump/air dash without Devil Trigger mode
  • Non existent high/low mix up game

have claws

have dp’s

have lazers

have swords

hope this helps


But Dante uses guns, Vergil doesn’t
imo Dante’s also cuter (no homo)

I’ll tell you what they all have in common:

They all suck cause they aren’t Wesker.

This is a valid argument to a lot of people… sadly.

Interestingly enough, they both have a red trenchcoat and a blue trenchcoat.

Damn…now there’s no difference at all.

its good to ask questions OP be glad this isn’t a stupid one :wink:

doom and mag are very VERY good characthers. in XF they can kill whole teams which make ems awesome. off the top of my dome and in my own word this is what makes em different

+great zoning tools
+has 2 of the best assist in the game
+high dmging combos
+very strong xfactor
+self otg’s that leads to combos
+dive kick is very good
+tri-jump is one of the best in the game
+best beam in the game
+high health
-akward to use
-has a steep learning curve
-his best zoning tool proton array are ass (regular and hyper)
-has a harder time on defense when a character get in
-no invincible moves (only invincible move is his lvl3 which is only 1-9 frames invincible)
-really hard to land his other 2 hypers (doom time and sphere flame)

+very fast fly-unfly. probably 3rd best in the game
+mixups are off the charts
+his grab is one of the best if it lands
+standing and jumping fierce are really good
+his zoning got buffed with repulsion and gravitation
+great tri jump
+is still pretty fast

  • combos if done right can kill a characther
    +his hypers are great cause they cover full screen
    -low health
    -defense isn’t the best once someone gets in
    -no OTG’s at all
    -hyper grab isn’t like mvc2s
    -his learning curve is hard if you’re going for the best combos.

good thing about these 2 tho is you can play em in ANY spot and they will still be as effective as if they were anchors

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: (To those who posted all of those absolutely amazing character breakdowns! Believe me, I read it all and didn’t skip anything.)

I’ll definitely take all of it to heart when I try to come up with new teams!

And I guess the grouped characters serve very similar purposes, but they require slightly different assists and their nuances are probably a point of personal preference.

Thank you again! :slight_smile:

I’d like to point out that Doom’s Time has “only” 9 frames of invincibility, it hits in four frames. Magneto can’t compare to that.