Character Concept (Jin Saotome)

I’ve been thinking a lot of my good ol’ Jin these days. He was the one who made me like the MvC series. So after playing a little bit of UMvC3 with a friend of mine, I decided that I’d make a sheet (with various un-ripped sprites I had to rip myself on GGPO <_>) and I felt like sharing it with the whole world.

Here is his visual sheet :

Hopefully, you guys will contribute to this and make some character sheets too!

****If I’m in the wrong section of the forums, feel free to close/lock/move this thread. ***

Well thought out and pretty well done…

One can dream. Blodia Punch should OTG too :slight_smile:

Good movelist. I always pictured him playing like a mix of Hulk/Wolverine.

They definitely need bring his taunt back. Stripping down to your damn tight whites while rubbing a towel on your back to catch aflame is ultimate form of disrespect. Fuck a tbag.

I approve.

My main problem with Jin being in the game is figuring who in my current team he is going to replace.

I’ll drop Jill in a minute for Jin.

I don’t give a single damn if he’s balls either.

I love Jin, but this forum is for discussion of UMvC3 the actual game, as opposed to fanfic. :slight_smile: