Character Concepts

Okay these are a few concepts I came up with based off my story/game (Street Fighter Neo, see sig)



Psycho Ryu

Psycho Ken

Ryu - Hair is a bit longer, and he’s got a scruffy looking face. He’s wearing an all white gi complete with sleeves. One sleeve has the same Japanese symbols Ryu has on his belt (which is never shown in any the games, but is in various official art work) and I started drawing a dragon on the other sleeve. The red robe that he has over his gi is the one that Oro (who’s dead at this point) wore (and Oro became Ryu’s master after/during Street Fighter 3: Third Strike if you didnt know)

Ken - The first pic/look is what I like to refer to as “Slacker Ken” cause he looks like a slacker or hippy or something like that. The most notable thing is that he has his hair pulled back, but its still messy. The second pic is Ken in a nice pinstripe Armani suit, only he’s wearing it diffriently so he can fight. The suit jacket is tied around his waist (making it kinda look like a Karate belt) and if you notice his gloves are also pinstripped (he likes to be stylish)

Psycho Ryu - A clone of Ryu under Bison’s control. He uses the Satsu No Hadou and Bison’s Psycho Power. His eyes are like purple flames. He’s wearing (all black) milliary/special forces type clothes, but he’s made some alterations to them. He’s also got an evil type personality (try to imagine the exact opposite of Ryu’s personality) He’s not an exact clone of Ryu (obviously) and was programed with various moves, not just Ryu’s (he’s almost like a completely diffrient character/person) He’s got various pieces of metal on him to allow Bison’s Psycho Power to be transfered through him more easily.

Psycho Ken - A clone of Ken under Bison’s control. He dosnt use the Satsu No Hadou, but does use Bison’s Psycho Power to a certain extent. Unlike to normal Ken (and Psycho Ryu) Psycho Ken is fairly calm and somewhat mindless, although he seldomly goes into fits of rage (he’s alot like the Evil Ken that was created for MUGEN) His hair is black, because when is an “evil” verison of Ken gonna find time to dye his hair? (Note: Ken’s hair is officialy black, and he officialy dyes it blonde, as said by Capcom) He’s got various pieces of metal on him to allow Bison’s Psycho Power to be transfered through him more easily. His (modified) gi is similar to Bison’s uniform in that its black and red.

Interesting character design concepts and outfits. Ryu and Ken look fairly young and lightweight in your art though, almost like in the Alpha timeline, eventhough your Neo story takes place in the distant future; but I guess it’s your style of drawing. I like the idea of the Oro robe.

Your work kind of reminds me of origami because of your straight edge linework. Pretty good concepts. Overall good stuff.