Character Costumes & Associated Colors Collection [WIP]


Woo fancy title!

So I finally caved in today, and decided to spend some money and buy all of the costume packs (playing on PC, I think it was 15 euros). Not too shabby. But I quickly ran into an issue … how am I ever going to decide on which costumes I like the best? I tried Google, I tried the search on a couple of forums … and came out completely empty handed. The best thing I could find was some videos that only showed off a single color and also some moves (which don’t even change AFAIK).

So with that, I decided there needs to be a collection of all possible costume and color combinations in the game, and this is what I will be doing with this thread.

So far I have only done Sakura, as she’s my main so it made sense to me. I’ll probably do Juri and 1 or 2 other characters tomorrow and hopefully have every single combination by the end of August or something. This is actually quite a bit of work it seems >.>

I’m just going to put links to the albums I’ve made so I don’t have a massive post here. I’ll also make sure to put the characters in alphabetical order for easy reference :wink:












T. Hawk


PS: If there’s a specific character you’d like me to work on first, feel free to let me know and I’ll write it do that one ASAP :slight_smile:

[S]PS2: I’m using Photobucket because Google apparently doesn’t allow sub-albums (who knows why they did that) … though I’m not 100% happy with how the navigation works for Photobucket so if anyone a better place to upload these, feel free to suggest.[/S] All fixed now thanks to a lovely suggestion by Augh!


Maybe just consolidate each costume’s 10 colors into a single image if you want to cut down on navigation and subfolders. Find any random 10 color preview in the custom skins thread to get an idea how I mean, definitely makes things easier for browsing, and avoids subfolder inception nonsense.

Having all the costumes in one place like this for quick reference would be really useful though, and overdue.


huh, thats interesting. Alt 1 color 10 is like a whole different costume.


That’s a great suggestion Augh! Thanks for that one, it’ll definitely make everything a whole lot easier to navigate.

@Amigo: I know, right! That’s actually part of the reason I decided to do this as well because especially in the alternate costumes there seem to be some cool gimmicks depending on the color that you choose. :slight_smile:

I’ll go redo the Sakura ones now to combine all the colors into a single picture per costume, and then go work on a couple more characters. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Right I’ve fixed up the images so they’re more viewable, and added Ryu and Juri as well now.

I’ll probably make them prettier when I’m done with all characters with some fancy borders or something, but right now I just want all of the base images done ASAP.


This is awesome, do EVERYONE!!! especially DeeJay, because his alt2 costume is the best.


Yeah it’s definitely the idea to do all of them, it’s just a rather lengthy process to get screenshots (I go in training mode, and constantly go to character select to do all possible combinations). So that’s 30-40 screenshots per character I have to do (seeing as some have 2, other 3 alt costumes). Needless to say I can’t do em all at once :wink:

Requests are also treated as a priority, so I’ll be doing DeeJay tomorrow along with a few others, I think I’ll have time to do about 5 characters tomorrow.


Since you take request I wouldn’t mind if you would do (when you can) Gen and Yang. Thanks!


These are great, thanks for the work.

And, if you get a chance, a Rose collage would be appreciated…


This is awesome! Please do the entire cast =)


DeeJay, Gen, Yang and Rose added too now. This is going slightly faster than I had hoped it would so yay!


You’re a gentleman and a scholar, sir!


I’m pretty sure I’m neither a gentleman, a scholar or a sir, but thank you I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

I just did Guy, Cody, Oni, Hakan, T. Hawk and Adon and also made some very basic borders just to break things up a little. I’ll upload these shortly.

I also converted the ones I already had to JPG as it makes the files quite a bit smaller (around 40-50% of the PNG sizes >.>), so I’ll be deleting the ones that are currently on there and then upload and relink the new ones. So don’t panic if the links are broken for the next hour or so! :wink:

EDIT: Everything should be working again now & the new ones added. I might do a couple more today as I think I may have some more spare time. (Yay weekends!)


Little update on this since I’ve been MIA for a while now …

I’ve been rather busy these past couple of weeks so haven’t really had any time to work on this. The little time I did have I naturally spent on actually playing the game some for myself. I will get back to this as soon as my schedule clears a little, shouldn’t be longer than another week but will likely be sooner. :slight_smile:


Cool thread. Thanks for the work!

EDIT: Yang’s “default” links to the gallery with his Alternate 2 outfit.


Ah yeah, thanks for letting me know!

Fixed it now :slight_smile:


could you pls upload abels costumes? <3


Yo can you add Ibuki’s and Akuma’s? :smiley: