Character crisis...pls


First off i really want to apologize. lately I have seen this thread pop up 10000 times…but i haven’t found a answer i haven’t found my character and i need some help.

I picked up sf4 vanilla right it was released and really tried to get good. at the time i was also very competitive at other games and since i couldn’t really master the learning curve of sf4 quickly as i had with previous games. Other games overshadowed me playing sf. However i have never stopped Respecting the FGC. I think with out a doubt this is the best e sport community hands down. might not have the numbers, prize pool or what ever. The FGC has an abundance of respect and just seems like no matter how Pro you get how amazing you are it all boils down to sitting on the couch with your crew and just having a good time. so big shout out to the FGC.

Even tho i did play vanilla (mainly guile) i still consider my play to be beginner. As a fan of the sport i would consider my self at a much higher level. I’m really into researching games finding things out, whats most optimal, most efficient in all the competitive games i play. So that being said i know i can put the work in.

Character i would be looking for…well…i don’t really care for the flash. not to say i would play lame, but doing things just to do them isn’t my style in any game so i wouldn’t think it would cross over in sf. I’m looking for strong neutral game character. someone who some what has answers for different situations and characters. (anti airs, Poke, Footsies ect…). I definitively would say i am more of a defensive play style. more looking to the future i would think i would enjoy reading and reacting to my opponent rather then winning on pure mechanical skill but it could be too early to tell or me getting ahead of myself. maybe i just never had the skill to pull of crazy stuff who knows.

So with all that i would think the character pool would include, Chun Bison Guile Balrog Honda Vega Dhalsim Adon Rose Ryu Sagat Gouken Feilong Thawk. I am sure there are others in the roster that would fit at least what i would think is my play style.

YES I am a beginner and i know i could learn a lot from focusing my play on ryu/guile. however in ultra i don’t find guile as appealing as i did. that being said i am willing to put in the work with any character as long as i find that character. ya know the character that is synonymous with the player playing. Mike Ross=Honda Diago=Ryu Gammerbee=Addon…ect… That’s the kinda connection i am looking for in character select. Am i going to evo? am i going to become a east coast local player? No clue… every game i play and have played i have pushed myself to my competitive limits. That is why i am putting so much effort into finding myself in this game its square one from there who knows i need to figure this out.

I play on pc…(pls capcom…pls) my steam name is Proteq. Please any help information would be much appreciated. Again i have to apologize for a thread the vets have probably read 100 times especially since the pc release.



Not seeing what you are asking.

If you already narrowed down character choice to Chunli, M. Bison, Guile, Balrog, E. Honda, Vega, Dhalsim, Adon ,Rose, Ryu, Sagat, Gouken, Feilong, and Thawk…why not experiment with each of them until you are able to find the one you gel with the most?


The good/bad news is these requirements don’t narrow it down very much, because they are vital to success with basically any character. But from what you’ve said, my best guess for you would be Fei or Boxer. They can put on pressure sort of stoically, if you don’t want to RTSD. Identify what you think Guile lacks and look for someone who has it.


Judging by the characters you’ve narrowed it down to, the modal character you want has charge, a projectile and an anti-air special…so that’s guile haha sorry bro!

Also bison if you can forego the projectile for his torpedo and the anti air for his superfast st.HK. Then, you’d also have a slide, which also turns up in a lot of your options.


Take time and play every character to level C in ranked. By the time you are done you will know who you like


thank you guys so much for responding.

after some more toying around i am really enjoying chun. her normal’s footsie game feels really good. I know guile fits my play style as well but he feels boring to play now idk. Chun also looks to be very strong in this version as well. I love playing Honda but…yea… Bison also seems very strong as well.

@jasonwalraven yea man thats a really good suggestion. I am playing on pc and it seems like i should be playing until the net code is fixed.

Any tips on a returning player to help get my game back would be much appreciated. Thanks for everyone who helped out :slight_smile: the struggle continues.


Chun’s neutral game is gdlk, but her normal anti-airs are way better than her specials.

As for tips for returning players, personally I’d find specific things you need to improve on and work on one thing at a time, from what it sounds like in your first post you aren’t super good at the game so it would involve mostly training mode stuff like getting specials and bnbs down. After that just play a lot, it’ll come back. Feel free to add me on steam if you wanna play some endless at