character crisis

hello all. I’ve been away from ssf4 a long while I’ve played sf since vanilla launched though. i never got realllly good but i always thought it was decent to be brand new. I’ve played just about all of the characters enough to get a basic understanding of what they do. i was playing juri for 8 months and i love her but honestly i don’t see myself improving with her. i don’t know what it is, but I just don’t get her fully. which brings me to my point. i’d like to get back into tournaments again but I really dont know who to spend time with that would be beneficial. I really like offensive characters that don’t need to stand right in your opponents face all the time. I was looking into akuma, I hear he is best on getting knockdowns and mix-ups which reminds me of dudley who i like a lot but a lot of match ups like dhalsim or other strong zoners pushed me away from him. I’d just like to hear opinions on strong offensive minded characters that have fairly even match ups across the board. what they’re best at would help a lot too. thanks in advance.

All of the following are able to zone as well as apply offense well

Akuma - wake-up pressure, fireball ownage
Chun - poke ownage, high/low mixup
Gouken - deadly combo/throw game
Rose - formidable control of attack space, ground-to-air throw
Ryu - great defense, wake-up pressure
Seth - offensive domination with skilled use, command grab mixups

Thanks! Rose I may definitely look into. I remember facing that pressure she brings. I used to hate hardly being able to get an attack in between her moves.

i think fei long would be good for you. he has good normals, good dp, can space rekkas from far, and gets good damage off hit confirms, hes like dudley with less damage output but better footsies and DP and can play distance game more than dudley.

do the rekkas help him out more vs grapplers? and just in comparison to problems i had with duds is there a way for him to work inside against seth/sim/guile?

after looking into some footage of mago answering my questions i think fei is definitely worth my looking into, thanks deuces!

yea mago shows that fei is a solid character, also watch DMG inthul, very good fei too. im not a fei expert but i think if you get spacing right that rekkas are safe from grapplers, dont take my word for it.

i saw some japanese ranked matches with fei vs gief. he can space him pretty well, of course if he gets close he can do serious dmg to fei. kind of reminds me of cammy vs gief. i didnt mind fighting him with her after i found out what pokes to use optimally.

u can use Duds, getting in is the hard part is the bad MU’s but matchup knowledge and utilizing what little tools you have will help alot. Dud is a risk character but the reward for the most part outweigh the risk since he hits like a truck. Once i took 80% dmg before i got in on sim once then that one opening i got a stun on the long combo i did and ended up winning. Once your in with dud, just frametrap so if they press a button, your get a counterhit and free combo, and you can leave gaps to bait out mashed reversals and blow them up for it. I like duds cuz you have to work for your wins and its all bout risks, but the pay out is flashy and keeps the game exciting. If your willing to put time in the game, duds is tha way to go.

Newer fei player here, he’s solid and fun as hell. Duds is a constant training room work in progress for me though. I’m never confident enough in his links to play seriously with him since I’m stuck with just online play. You should definitely look up some of marn’s dudley though. Such an awesome character to watch.

yeah i spent a bit of time with duds i really did like him but like the sim matchup and a couple other things i couldn’t get a grasp on that i stopped maining him. like i used him enough so that if i’m playing against sagat, or guile i’ll probably feel more comfortable using him than most people. or it may look bad on me but that thing with dhalsim really put me off. like i know for a fact that i will probably always have a great deal of trouble getting a win there. probably because i dont get to play a lot of good sims, but i think if anything i’ll definitely keep duds around for other mu’s.

yeah i feel the exact same way playing with dud and watching marn made me want to improve my own juri actually, but needless to say it didnt go to well for me lol. but that’s why i’m doing this, if i decided that i wanna go back to using dud i feel confident enough that i wouldn’t have to re-learn him from scratch since i was constantly trying to work with him before a couple months ago. fei is a decent looking option right now and isn’t too far off from duds as mentioned so for the time being i think i’ll look into him. I thought about ken but i really dont wanna use a shoto. aside from akuma anyway.

Meteo2 sums it up well.

A lot of people like offensive characters because they don’t know how to block and don’t have good defense. Ignoring this part of the game could be what is holding you back.

Either pick a top tier or a character you really like to play but, at the end of the day you need to be able to attack and defend with that character. Endless pressure with some characters may work online but, what happens at a tournament when round 1 you’re up against a battle hardened Zangief and all you know how to do is cross up and tick throw all day. Are you going to rush down a solid Ryu player like Daigo all day? No, he’s going to hit you everytime you even think about pressing forward.

Learn how to play the entire game, don’t limit yourself and use the excuse “I just don’t like not being on the offensive” because even offensive characters need to know footsies and zoning.

Maybe I’m off base here but, when I hear someone say they want to rush down all the time and they think it’s the character holding them back, this is usually the real issue. Pressure isn’t free because of the character, it’s still work and it comes from the player.

no kelter i agree with what you’re saying, honestly i’m still learning all of that but i’m far from just rushing down all day. i know about zoning my opponents, or turtling, and things like that i just dont like doing it. learning to play smart regardless is something i’ve always been working on, i just preferably like to be offensive. i played juri for so long because she’s an offensive rushdown character yes, but you can also stop and zone with her fireballs too. i actually find excitement in the parts of the game where i block and avoid the psychic dp i saw coming. or i just stand next to you on wake up because you think i’ll press a button. i’m not trying to cause debate here i’m just trying to show where i stand on the issue personally.

You have to play what the match calls for.

You’re saying you understand but, the way you’re saying it doesn’t convince me.

Aside from Akuma who is pretty multi-faceted, the rest are definitely defense-first characters. Definitely not who I would recommend for someone who is looking for offensive-oriented characters.

Offense-heavy characters who are relatively strong:
-Fei Long

All of these characters are usually the cat in a cat-and-mouse game, and they fare pretty well against the rest of the cast. None of them need to be in the opponent’s face all the time either. Coincidentally, they also all do well against Dhalsim. Haha.

You may also want to consider:

And don’t give up on Dudley. He’s definitely at a disadvantage against some of the more defensive characters but you’re gonna face some bad matchups no matter who you play. I agree that Dudley vs Dhalsim is one of the more frustrating and lame matchups.

He asked for character suggestions for his playstyle. He said anything about taking shortcuts to avoid learning how to play a complete game. Like you said, he’s gonna have to learn defensive fundamentals no matter what character he plays. Playing an offense-oriented character won’t deprive him of any learning opportunities nor will it stunt his progression. Lighten up, dude.

YThank you so much for covering all of that bokchoy! Yeah fei long is most definitely up high on the list as far as deciding goes. I have been looking at ibuki and guy also. I know a lot of people in the area that play rufus and cammy so that kind of steered me away from them. Its a personal thing where I kinda want my own character that my friends usualy don’t use. I played sakura for a while in vanilla because of it. Yeah I’m not gonna lie I played dudley a long time last night and I think that not playing with him helped me get his combos down better somehow. So he will definitely be around still, I think I only had extreme trouble with sim, rose, hawk, and this really good elf. As I learn the game in general more I think ill just get stronger with him, but I still want to look into other characters just in case.

You’re an enabler

and you sound like an elitist. i was just asking for opinions. if you think i’m a scrub or whatever fine but if you’re just going to troll and not contribute then don’t post. unlike others that have come to srk and have been trolled away i’m not going to let you stop me from improving myself.

I’m not calling you a scrub and I’m not trying to troll anyone.

I have just heard what you are saying from a lot of players before and they always end up having the same problem in the end. They say defense is boring but, they really just don’t understand it and they pick rush down characters to avoid the issue. They all eventually get blown up when they play a solid player that knows how to block mix ups because they get impatient.

I’m offering my advice. IMO, you’re better off sticking with 1 character and learning to play all of the angles of the match with them rather than switching to someone else.

I started playing rose a while back and I was rushing everyone the fuck down thinking I was super cool with rose. Then I started playing matches against good players with good characters that I couldnt rush down any more. I considered dropping her because I couldn’t figure out how to win the zoning and fireball war but, I realized that running away from the issue wasn’t going to fix my real problem. I’m still going to rush down when I get the chance but, now I don’t lose every time I’m unable to.

Well in that case my apologies. Seems we just have miscommunication here. I do hear what you’re saying, whuch is why id rather have one character to play so I can learn that. I don’t find defense boring I believe its very important and something I have to work on. But personally if I decide to pick up say guile I wouldn’t be doing myself any favors. Hell let’s say I picked up guile and got incredibly better with him. I would end up not enjoying the game still because I don’t like the way he plays looking at him being a zoning character primarily. I don’t plan on being those other players that can’t ken dp all day against a good player offline. And quit. I’m going to. Pick up a character I can get in sync with and go from there.