character crisis

There’s a fine line between offering advice and being a douche. You crossed it several posts ago.
Not everybody has your drive to be the best SF player they can be. It’s a video game and how competitive people want to be vary from person to person. Lighten up. Seriously.

dam kelter on BLAST!!! lol

Switch to zangief become hated. Join the dark side. Best wake up mixups in the game. So easy to use impossible to master unless your vangief and tourney viable and getting buffs in ae. Also he’s a scrub killer. Learn the bad match-ups not really that bad.

Well I always liked geif. Getting in and moving around is the only real gripe I have with using him. I play him for fun with friends

You’re going to come to a forum for competitive players to converse and try to insult me for having a competitive attitude?


ok before the flame war and a feud gets going can we drop this whole part of the convo? kelter and i had a misunderstanding, lets move past it and keep playing fighting games together please? like hey you guys dont agree can we get back to topic without us killing each other? not forcing any apologies just askin that ya move on at least on this thread.