Character Crisis


I’m really trying to get into SFxT but I’m having trouble finding characters that I actually like. So far the only character that seems appealing to me is Ibuki. What are some good mixup/vortex characters in this game that I should try out?


‘Vortex game’ isn’t nearly as strong in SFxT, when comapred to SFIV. This is due to characters being able to roll. It’s one of the reasons people like the game.

That said, a lot of Tekken characters have good high/low mixups. Xiaoyu has some good tools, is a good combo extender character and is seeing play at high levels. Check out Capcom’s NYC 25th Anniversary video here. Chris G is playing Xiaoyu/Cammy & Tatsu is playing Vega/Xiaoyu (to 3rd and 1st places respectively).


I actually just finished watching that. I’m gonna hit the lab with different characters and see who fits my play style the best.


Trials is your friend.


Pick a Tekken character with a good overhead and high/low combos. Try playing as Hwoarang and see if you like him (BTW, his command dash can go through projectiles if you’re constantly fighting shotos). If not, try out trials.


you should play lili ^^


As Asica had stated above, the vortex game is nearly pointless in Street Fighter X Tekken due to the Forward Roll mechanic. There are some ways to work around it though.

Take this Akuma Roll-Catch / Vortex Tutorial video by fourwudegaming for example (which was featured on Shoryuken).

Here’s a Lili Tech video that demonstrates what she can do against Forward Rolls.

This guy had actually come up with his own way of dealing with Forward Rolls with Ibuki.

Hopefully you can take some of these ideas and come up with your own vortexes / options against Forward Rolls.


I’ve tried Hwoarang for a while. Don’t get me wrong he’s a great character and all but there’s already way to many Hwoarangs in my local scene and I don’t wanna get figured out too quick.

I’ve actually never tried Lili. Is she a good point character?

I actually really wanted to play Akuma but in a game where combos do so much damage, having low health was a real downside for me.
Also I’ve been doing that Ibuki roll punish mixup for a long time. No one blocks it lol.

I’m not necessarily looking for just a vortex character I’m looking for a character with some good mixups and good anti wakeup game that is also a good point character. I’ve hit up the Ibuki forums to see who would be a good point character but sadly its very inactive.


Lili is best as an anchor but she can be decent on point as well. When I was learning her I actually used her solely as point until I got comfortable with how she plays. Also she’s very meter dependent and her combos tend to suffer a lot from damage scaling which is another reason why she’s better suited as an anchor.


I’m pretty set on using Ibuki second. So I don’t think Lili is gonna work. Besides that though Lili is a great character. I was surprised to see that she’s that good!


Abel? Blanka? Raven?


In my opinion, I don’t think Raven’s still good after the patch. Also Abel and Blanka don’t work to well with Ibuki’s tag combos.


Try to not pick one. Just play all of the characters (be open minded), going through as many of their trials as you can, training with them. Eventually they will pick you, and your choice will probably be to your surprise.


I actually like that answer, as this is what I do. I just play all the characters until they choose me, lol. Some people tell me, “Man, I wish I can play all the characters like you do”. I’m very open-minded when it comes to fighting games. I just play everybody and everything.

Also, Heihachi is a great character in my opinion. He’s got good high and low mix-ups similar to Kazuya except I find Kazuya to be a very boring character on top of the fact that he’s very popular. Whereas with Heihachi, you can have fun with him and go for some crazy stuff and high-damaging combos while stylin’. Good health, good damage, good mix-ups, he’s got a cross-up, pokes, easy combos, you can’t go wrong with Heihachi. Plus he’s got a ground counter that exposes button mashers and Reversals, and allows you to follow up with a possible huge combo into Switch Cancel, Super Art and / or Cross Art.


I actually used Heihachi x Ibuki during the game’s first month of release. That team was great. Heihachi played his role really well. The only thing is that I really couldn’t find a way to reach max damage. Sure Ibuki can combo off of Dragon Uppercut but I wanted to combo off of Hell Axle for more damage.


I could help you with Lili. You can play her on point. she does have a good range on her chain combos into a launcher. But as songi said she’s best on anchor.


I’ll keep messing around with Lili and see what I can come up with.

But today I’ve been using Guy/Ibuki and Lars/Ibuki. It’s been going pretty well but both teams seem to really lack on damage output.


follow me on xbl you’ll get all the lili info you need. I’m purple eye girl


I’m actually don’t have XBL. I’m on PSN. Also I was thinking about it and I’ve decided that I can work with Ibuki in either position. So Lili anchor is a possibility.


I hear Paul is really strong in this game