Character Crisis


I’ve made this thread not only for me but for people like me who are going threw a character crisis where we can’t figure out what character we would like to stay with in USF4 I’ve been to a couple of tournaments at NLBC didn’t do that good because I haven’t really found “my character” I do like to play offensively but i also like footsies I’ve been playing Fei on and off for as long as i can remember. I’ve dabbled with rufus adon cammy yun abel but i just haven’t been able to find my character I like them all i guess i just have to main everybody i think fuerte is also fun but I don’t know who I should main i’m hoping some people might have some incite on who i should play thanks for the help


In my opinion there are three archetypes that characters generally fall into:

  1. Zoning (footsies and space control; a solid neutral game)
  2. Pressure (safe attacks that you can continue to use and abuse)
  3. Mixup (ambiguous setups that make defense difficult)

A character’s strengths in these three primary categories will influence miscellaneous details such as –

-the strength of their wakeup game,
-their health,
-their walk speed,
-and their damage potential.

If you like to play offensively but also enjoy footsies, then the next question I would ask myself is what kind of offense you like to pursue? Is it a pressure based offense, like Cody or Bison, or is it a mixup based offense, like Abel or Ibuki? Footsies is a universal concept – any character can and in fact must participate in footsies to be successful. Some characters have better normals and walk speed than others which allows them to control the neutral game (Chun Li), whereas others with inferior buttons and walk speed have to adapt to their opponents’ pace and behavior (Makoto).

Here is an example of analyzing a character using the archetypes system –

-Good pressure and mixup
-Weaker neutral game
-Good damage potential
-Weak wakeup and defensive game (invincible reversal requires ex and is easily safe jumped; crouch tech is four frames which is easier to frame trap; normal attacks are slow)

Rufus sacrifices defensive ability for raw offensive power. He represents the epitome of jamming yourself in your opponent’s face and forcing them to play your game while you’re on the offensive. His dive kicks offer not only relentless relatively safe pressure, but also flow into a mean mixup potential that keeps your opponent under the gun while also constantly guessing. His defensive capabilities are lacking – he has a very bad wakeup game because his crouch tech is four frames (low short startup) which is easier to frame trap and his reversal is only invincible when EX’d and has an 11 frame startup, making it very easy to safe jump. Justin Wong may make his neutral game look workable but that’s because he’s Justin Wong.

I assume you are looking for a character that has good normals that allows you to control the neutral game while also maintaining an offensive game. Based on your opening post I would suggest:


Bison and Cody both have a seriously intense pressure game while maintaining a very strong presence in the neutral game with their good buttons. Likewise, both characters have pretty poor wakeup options, especially Cody, but Cody more than makes up for this in damage, whereas Bison can be lacking in damage and anti-air capability at times. Bison is also a charge character, which you may have trouble adjusting to at first if you have not played them previously. Cody, on the other hand, relies mainly on frame traps, which can be unintuitive at first but once you understand the concept and execution of his frame traps your opponents will be very scared of pressing a button during your pressure.

Juri and Dudley will likely feel more familiar to you. Juri and Dudley both have strong neutral games – both characters have good walk speeds and good buttons. Juri has a strong fireball game and Dudley is typically difficult for other characters to zone out with their fireball game because of his ducking ability. Both characters do not have the best wakeup game, but it is far from the worst. Dudley has 50 more HP than average (1050) while Juri has 50 less than average (950).

Finally, I also suggested Guy because you “thought Fuerte was also fun”. Guy has a run ability somewhat similar to Fuerte’s but he is not necessarily as reliant upon it as a foundation to nearly all of his offense unlike Fuerte, though it is still an important and critical tool in Guy’s repertoire. His normals are OK, but his strength in the neutral game comes with his speed and unpredictability which makes him very difficult to zone – one wrong move by your opponent and you are already punishing them, no matter how far away you are on screen. He is a character you cannot errantly throw fireballs at from full screen because he can snatch you up in a heartbeat and make you regret being so careless. Like most other offensively oriented characters though, he lacks a decent wakeup game which means once you are knocked down, you will be put on the defensive for awhile until you can get back up on your feet and get your offense running again.

I would recommend you start with Guy. He is fairly unique and I think you would enjoy his unorthodox approach to the game. Next I would suggest Bison – he has a very strong pressure game, but because he is a charge character and has lackluster anti-air attacks you will have to make some adjustments. Still, I think it would be refreshing. After those two, feel free to try Cody, Juri, and Dudley and see how they fit to your liking, as they are generally more “traditional” than Guy or Bison.

Good luck! Hope this helps you and anyone else looking to pick the “perfect character” that best fits their personal style and approach to Street Fighter.


wow the time you took to right this out greatly appreciated I’m not new to the game just to new to having a main character but thanks alot this reply really helped


I’ve been on a character crisis for 2 years mang. I don’t have a particular favorite play style, although I hate laming it out lately I main mostly charge characters.

You could also use Justin Wong’s column:

*"Offense Characters:
Ken, Makoto, Ibuki, Dudley, Seth, Dan, Sakura, Gen, Abel, C. Viper, Cammy, Guy, Hakan, Rufus, El Fuerte, Yun, Yang, Oni, Evil Ryu

Defense Characters:
E. Honda, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Sagat, Dee Jay, Guile, Blanka, Zangief, Vega, Balrog, T. Hawk, Rose

Balance Rush Characters:
Ryu, Gouken, Akuma, Juri, M. Bison, Cody, Fei Long, Adon"*


trying to figure it out with some kind of reasoning is stupid, you do that when you’re choosing a secondary character to complement your main.
your main character should be whoever is most interesting/fun for you to use.

just pick someone and force yourself to stick with them. pretend you simply don’t have another choice.


your right i mean i’ve been able to use fei rufus adon & guile alot but i’m thinking more or less on the lines of using fei with guile as an alternate character


a ‘problem’ I’ve been pondering recently is if I’m maining the right character or not. In the past I always used Akuma, but now I’m learning to play properly I soon learned his fragile nature was too much of a hindrance to a beginner, especially when you’re not good enough to pull off the damage which is the reason for his low health etc. So since about xmas time I’ve been maining Juri.

I think she’s a great character, but I always want to play her more as a rush down character rather than a zoning character. I’ve been trying to work on the zoning side of things, but just find going in with a dive kick and opening up much more fun than trying to keep space.

Though I think once I’m good enough to use U1 reliably only I’ll find a nice balance between zoning and rush down xD


Wow, great post by fischbs. I can say you’ll notice that stuff by playing a lot, but for someone to actually write it out like that…

Still though, Tebbo has a point too, arguably a crude one. If you just start if with someone you like, there’s a chance you’ll also notice what you want to do with that character, from there you can make a comparison. If you choose just anyone it may not stick to you as easily.


i mean i do like dmg but i don’t like mix-up’s i’m bouncing around fei viper cammy & adon (idk how much i like adon kuz he can grabbed out of his moves which i think is stupid) i really do like cammy but i hate being put in a box oh your a tier whore lol well shit cammy’s in the game she’s what ppl say “cheap” but her mix-up games are a bit tougher because of delayed standing so i have to delay them but she’s ridiculous but yun is crazy good as well