Character Crisis

I’ve always had trouble figuring out what character I wanted to use in this game, and I’ve come to a new problem. I recently realized how much I dislike Ken (my former main) and now I’m lost as to who to use. I cannot stand Chun Li or Urien…and…I just don’t know.

Help me SRK, you’re my only hope :sad:

Ryu or Oro. =o

I second Ryu. Or how about that guy in your avatar?

I don’t understand why people have avatars of characters they don’t even use. Looking at your avatar you’d think you were a hardcore Yang player. Instead you’re wondering which character to use? Look at your freakin av. Yang F’n owns. :tup:

Yeah, I have the same problem, any suggestions for me? :wonder:

Im sure necro doesn’t “F’n own” ? :sad: Come on, i need some inspiration !

PS: I know my avatar sucks…

Pick Akuma. Kara demon is fun.

On the contrary, Necro certainly does F’n own. Like all characters, he has disadvantages but if you work on it, you’ll find ways to adapt.:tup:

SuicidalGrandpa, Yang doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all. :tup:

I play with Yang for fun but he takes damage like a bitch and I get careless. Plus the execution of my cheap $11 xbox controller doesn’t really help.

I don’t know, I’ll work on Yang.

I actually HAVE been practicing with necro for 3 weeks now, It’s just that when im on the defense, I dont have many options, also the only useful combo I know of is B+Fierce>D.B+Fierce. I really need some help with necro, I want him as my main character. Also which SA is the best? I tend to choose SA I against characters that like to attack from mid-air (Yun’s divekick etc.) and SA III against characters with low stun gauges.

Help me !!! :looney:

Also, I’ve already checked the necro forums, not much stuff, just some combo’s. And its impossible for me to pull off more than one D.B+Fierce in the corner against ANY character (even Hugo).

You shouldn’t rely on B+Fierce -> DB+Fierce. It’s an ok anti-air but not really reliable because it’s so easily parried. Most players will expect that anyways. I’m not a great Necro player myself but I tend to use cr. MP early in the opponents jump. It will catch them before they have a chance to even think of parrying. Even if they do parry it, you will have recovered in time before you get punished. Another one I use is B+MP -> Electric Blast. Alot of players won’t expect you to cancel into the Electric Blast, don’t over use it though.

Your main combo starter with Necro should be B+MP -> Tornado Hook. You can set it up many ways including after a parry or after a well time drill kick or UOH. MP Tornado Hooks can lead to SA’s for extra damage. My choice of Super is SAIII (Electric Snake) because the stun factor is huge, especially if performed in the corner. Plus it always keeps your opponent “on their toes” and they’ll always be somewhat more cautious when attacking you.:wink:

Really take advantage of Necro’s pokes. His standing MP (Strong) has very nice priorty and can be Super-Cancelled. Jabs, Shorts and DB+Fierce are all good ones too. Basically all his pokes have their uses. Learn to mix it up with Necro. Footsies are essential to pressuring and confusing your opponent into making mistakes.

Necro really shines when he has his opponent in the corner. I know you didn’t feel that you really found anything in the Necro thread but look closer. There are a lot of character specific things that will really make a difference in a match. Coregrafo really contributes a lot to that thread and his knowledge is vast on the Necro subject. Check it out.

That’s all I can do for now. I’m at work so I can’t really elaborate too much. If you have more questions, post them. I’ll do my best to answer them.:tup:

Wow, thanks alot man, that’s some extremely helpful info there. Glad to know there’s people willing to help on these forums :smile:

I’ll be sure to post any further questions. Thanks ALOT for taking your time to help me out, I appreciate it. :sweat:

EDIT: I’ll be sure to check out the necro forums again.

Question: Is B+MP better than standing MP?

No problem at all. We all have to learn somehow.:tup:


B+MP is better overall because although it has less range then standing MP, it has way more benefits. It has very good priority and can stuff a lot of your opponents attacks, I believe it can be hit confirmed which in turn can lead to Tornado Hook (for combos) or the HCF+K command throw among other things. Standing MP is a very nice tool for spacing your opponent. Sometimes I play overly aggressive opponents who dash in a lot hoping to get inside. Standing MP helps to keep them away, plus as I mentioned, it’s Super Cancellable (sp?). But of course, don’t get predictable with it or you will be punished.

Have fun and practice. If you want an idea of how Necro should be used then visit and watch some Sugiyama and Pino AB7 vids. These guys are killer Necro players and are excellent examples of skilled Necro players.

Good luck.:tup:

Don’t pick Q. He’s hard to use, and when you learn to use him, he still sucks.

Elena is hella fun. Oro too.

i not use to much b.strong , strong hook only if afther a uoh (linked) or parry
becuase if blocked he can grab you or some super arts
i am a very scrub necro but i have a lot of stuff
i have a hard time for post this stuffs because mi english suck to much :sad: :sad: :sad:

my main super is sa3 but i use sa1 and sa2 vs some chars
and my name is “coreografo” in english is “dancer”

Still practicing with necro so far :wgrin:

Question: Does Necro have ANY decent crossups at all?

:lol: I like Q, but I can’t use him. I like the concept of his character though :angel:

So is Yang’s>EX Slashes really just as good as a super? I mean, it seems like the players I’ve played expect it…

Funny you should say that, I fuckin hate Chun :wink: , at least in 3rd Strike.

How many people who have Sean avatars do you think actually use him seriously ?.

Man, im having BIG problems with necro :sad: I’ve been playing on Xbox Live, and pretty much EVERY character I’ve faced so far has out-prioritized me in every way, I have no reliable follow-ups when I knock an opponent down. I just get stuffed by a shoryuken, and alot of necro’s moves are highly punishable, I just get out-poked everytime.

Now, I know necro is a technical character to use, but he has such few combo’s and its near impossible to out-poke the higher-tier characters. Also im finding it VERY hard to stun above-average players, even with SA III, because they just stay away and out-poke me until their stun gauge is replenished. I don’t know, but it’s not going really well for me :wasted:

Maybe it’s time for a switch? :sad:

Double post, sorry.