Character customisation needs to go away


I can’t be the only person who’s not feeling all these unrecognisable characters in stupid outfits with silly hats and purple skin??

  1. Call me a FG bore but characters need a fixed identity, they need to be instantly recognisable. SF2 wouldn’t have been half as iconic if each character didn’t have such a unique identity. Everyone knows Guile for his hair, or Ryu for the white GI and headband. I’ve played games now where I didn’t even know who I was fighting at first because of some wacky alternate costume. Not good.

  2. People cannot be trusted to make aesthetically pleasing characters. For every appeasing SFxT character customisation, there are 14 blue skinned monstrosities ready to assault your eyeballs. I swear given enough creative freedom, a large percentage of gamers would represent themselves with a large, floppy penis with angel wings and a beret.

Just picked up TTT2 and during the main Arcade mode characters are adorned with random items and silly hats. The main freaking arcade mode. The final dramatic boss battle, set upon an angelic backdrop had the cpu dressed in what looked like a power ranger mask and arm batons ffs. The last boss!!

Yes, I’m sure it’s fun at first dressing your character up like the Barbie you never had but I really do think games are losing something important.

Yeah I’m a grumpy old gamer, sue me.


Hey, for some people decorating their character with large floppy penis with angel wings is the height of creativity and an expression of their artistic genius – or in this case the majority you encounter online. Appreciate and be grateful that they’re sharing this with you (because they sure couldn’t wait to unleash that floppy penis).

Yeah most of the customizations people come up with are atrocious and ridiculous; it probably reflects on their level of maturity. It’s kind of insulting to the original character in some ways. What better way to shit on a character you hate than adding a floppy penis to its customization? Wanna take out that teen angst onto unsuspecting players online? Then assault their eyes by customizing your characters in blinding neon colors.

Edit: For the record I’m not against customization. Just the typically bad ones, the ones that border on being obnoxious… yea i know this is going into subjective territory but, for instance, most would agree blinding neon colors is obnoxious.




Normally i would agree.

But then you play games like VF5, and see how much the customization helps the otherwise dreadfully boring games aesthetics.


Just because something is done wrong doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done!


this is why I recommend we use only erect penises


The only acceptable solution I am willing to tolerate is if perhaps each player’s customisations are vetoed by a select committee of style marshals (nominated by myself of course) prior to each fighting engagement.

Either this or limit a player’s customisation options to perhaps changing the colour of a fighter’s socks from say black to grey.


You need to go away…


SFxT is pretty much the only game I’ve seen that lets people use neons to customize their characters, and I’m still not entirely sure who thought that would be a good idea.


All they need to do is allow players to turn off customization on their side if they don’t want to see it.


I was expecting this to be in the SFxT board because the greatest abominations are either from there or from Japan and it’s love for men in man thongs.


I’m with you OP. I can’t fucking stand Soul Calibur because of it.


It’s not others fault you can’t enjoy a good thing


You know what I’m going to argue?

Customization needs to stay. It’s fun and adds replay value to the game.
Customization needs to be banned from tournaments though. Why? You know how many fucking times I’ve lost to Lars because all of his flailing shit makes it impossible to see what the fuck he’s doing?
Fuck Tekken 6 for that shit.


I don’t know what to say
I fully disagree with this one

the thing is, you can choose what to do, you can choose to customize, or not, so if you don’t like to do so, then don’t

this is just a thread that wants to force people to do what they don’t want to do


Keep that shit in 3d games, give us color edit for 2d. fuck Capcom’s lame dlc costumes: give us the ability to make our own. Speaking of Capcom, since the lazy asses want to use 3d models, why ARE we stuck buying pre-made costumes instead of being able to make our own like in Namco fighters?


Everything in SFXT hurts my eyes anyway. The awful DLC costumes and neon colors are just the shit sauce on top of the shit burger.


I like to customize but I limit myself to a few things, that way people still know who it is I am playing encase they don’t know how to read or look at portrait art before the match starts.

Although my Hoahmaru JACK is pretty cool.


I can’t choose for my opponent not to make his character a 10-1 matchup on my eyeballs.


This, pretty much.

I’m okay with alternate outfits as long as they’re fitting and not distracting. Jungle Dan and Saikyo Blanka have the right idea.