Character Decision help

Yo everyone, I’m currently going through a phase of looking for someone to main. I started with Ibuki until I got he feel of Juri. I’ve moved around the board for a while, but I can’t really stick with one character to just be… amazing with or set some daily practice in. I love Juri’s versatileness and crazy moves, hell I love Juri in general. Ibuki has my heart with her devastating mix-up game though. The problem with the both of them though is they have incredibly low health/stun hit build up. I can’t main both of them! (Yet… )

Now, I’ve been watching/reading a few post throughout the inter web and C. Viper has popped into mind. I’ve always loved her character’s concept in general (I’m an artist so of course I look at these things), and I do know she requires great skill to play with or dedication. I’m not too sure which one it is, but if it’s my main then all the practice I can give to the women will be put into. Would you all be able to help me out with this scenario? I’m open to all play style questions and everything else.

Is there anyone available to talk with me on this matter?

As long as you keep changing characters, “sticking to one character to be amazing with” won’t really happen with anybody you pick.

There are a few ways to pick your character. Pure aesthetics. Who has the cool look, sounds, backstory etc to you and choose off that. What kind of playstyle do you want to do, then pick off that etc.Just know that every character will have something unique to them, so try to not be convinced by the shiny allure of a new tactic or move that your character can’t do.

There is a huge inherent problem to asking people who to pick for you, because they aren’t you. They don’t know what you like the most or even so, you can have a few people say Juri, then a few people say Ibuki and then you are back at square one.

If you like all 3 for different reasons, you can either legit coin flip and pick that way and don’t look back, or you can see which one has the game plan you most prefer, or maybe which one has the better match up vs the playstyle you hate the most etc

Hm… They all interest me! lol Hm… I think I’ll try the coin toss, but wouldn’t that only work for two?
also how would I increase my execution skills to better myself in general?

Check the stickied posts in the top of the ‘newbie section’ for answers to all common questions. And search the newbie and sf4 section for answers to ‘help me choose my main’ questions. We get these threads a lot.

Ya kno as soon as I started reading ur post the first character that came 2 my mind was C Viper lol. Gd damage, decent health (I think) and some nice mix ups wid the burning kicks. She does take a decent amount of dedication 2 get gd with but coming from an Ibuki and Juri background I dont think u should have any problems

Just to comment on how to increase execution skills, I would just say practice your combos in training mode, keeping a focus on doing only the inputs you need to do, no mashing/shortcuts etc

Seriously? lol I actually have a free day from class today and I was gonna lurk the C. Viper forums until I got at least her FFF down. Me and some friends are in orlando for school, so CEO is right there! I’m really excited as this will be my first tournament and I want to impress some people. Show people there that I’m not just a button masher or anything and actually know the game y’know? I have until June to get a decent or above Viper down and I really wan an work on. (But my Ibuki!! :’(—)

I asked Kensou the other day and he told me if I really wanted to play Viper I had to give all my SF time to her and prepare to lose a lot before I become amazing.

C viper also has low life and stun

This was such late reply. lol I decided to stick with Ibuki and practice mastering her.

Go for viper!!!

lmao! Why?!