[Character Design] Which FG character has stayed consistant across all appearances?


Which fighting game character has stayed consistantly good/bad/subpar in all games they’ve made and appearance in, and why?

My vote goes to Chun-Li. She never seems to fall out of a high tier range. She’s newbie friendly, but also a beast under the right hands.


I’d have to say Chun-Li as well, unless you count Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Also, isn’t Cammy consistently bad?


Kage-maru VF IN EVERY GAME he was top.


Sagat and Iori


Oh hi, Alpha 2. Oh hi, XI.

GG Eddie? Slayer maybe?



Dude never gets a time to go beyond his lower tier status, even in SFIV.


My vote is for Dan. He is always bottom tier even in Super Puzzle Fighter II but he did have some of the best cos-play in Gem Fighter.


Guile? He was really only good in CvS but even then, that was if you could use him to his potential.


Except Iori is still A-tier in XI.


:party: More like B. He isn’t OP and he’s just about as good as the rest of the cast is now. :party:


Eddie was C tier in Slash. But Slayer has consistently been in the top four since XX.


when you said character design I thought you meant cosmetically. because yeah, morrigan is pretty damn consistent. even though she is a really popular character and literally every other character has gone through at least one upgrade, even two or three she is still rocking those ancient sprites.


Birdie has been bottom tier in every Alpha game.


I gotta agree with chun li Bloodia. She is very beginner friendly which is why i’ve stayed with her for quite some time now. You don’t have to be jchensor to play her in any game. The only time i’ve had trouble with her is in CVS2, i cannot get the c.lpx2/3 c.mp link down (or any link period lol), and that’s an important part of her game to combo into super.

so minus cvs2, and mvc2 (obvious reasons) she is noob friendly and deadly in a pro’s hands.


Truly a waste of space.


Birdie is awesome. One of my fav alpha characters

What about Geese in every game he is in? I know SNK games he is pretty high up.

Or Sophitia for the Soul Calibur series?


Morrigan has been extremely consistant.


He’s bottom in Virtua Fighter 5R, actually.


SF2 (various versions) all say hi!


Cammy isn’t consistently bad. She’s only bad in ST, and Marvel. She’s great in CvS1+2, and decent in 4.

Dan was hella good in 1, not bad in 2, and so-so in 3, he was only bad in VS games and CvS2.

He was god in WW, top in CE, soso in HF, OK in New Challs, Mid in ST.
Marvel 2 he was bleh, Alpha 3 Upper he was trash.
CvS1 he was top tier, and CvS2 was top also.
SF4 he’s pretty bad.

Only character I can really say that’s top in every game they are in, is (and I hate to talk about this game) is Sion from Melty. Always top.