Character design.

How do you guys like the aesthetics of the characters. Overall I like the stylized “bulky” design…besides the fact they made chun bigger. Anyway please leave opinions.

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the female thighs of SF4 are way bulkier than these wtfail. if anything these models are MUCH more proportionate to realistic human shape. god the SF4 roster all look like a bunch of hulked out thunder thighs. they didnt have calves ankles or even cankles just one big chunk of thanklves(thigh-calf-ankles)

these are in no way “bulky” especially considering how shitty the models for SF4 are.

Some of the faces are pretty unfortunate, but overall its good.

i think the art direction character wise is semi-outdated. I expected more of the water visuals to have more to do with the characters moves

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Actually relevant


The models are alright (faces are kind of off sometimes, though). It’s just that they have this weird filter on them that creates these shadowy lines. It makes some of the clothes look like they’ve been slicked with oil, or skin looks like it has odd body hair or the character rolled in some ash like a chinchilla.

Look at Juri’s shoulder above. It looks like she was a burn victim (no offense to any burn victims out there intended).

Also, as a personal opinion, Nina has too many unnecessary straps and ends up just looking weird.