Character design

Just lookin for some feedback on this character design.

Looks pretty good - reminds me a bit of Shiba from Cannon Spike (a Capcom shoot 'em up on the DC) due to the hair, body-fitting top & loose pants.

Is this for the drawstick contest? :slight_smile:

Good drawing. It’s better than the usual mouse made stuff I’ve seen from ya. it’s good to finally see a serious pencil job from you. As usual, details are awsome.

About the actual design:
I’m not really liking the way his pants end. Other than that, it’s a really cool design.

It does remind a tad of Shiba/Siva from Cannon Spike (but first from the capcom arcade game, “Three Wonders”)

thats some awesome shit right there. the weapon looks kind of weird though. He’d fit right in with tekken. all the scarred up people in that game.

For some reason i get a Strider Hiryu vibe i don’t know why but i’d have to agree with brain about the end of the pants. although it may seem cliche but i think they might look great with that ripped/tattered and torn look just my opinion. :slight_smile:

i cant see the drawing… :frowning:

:frowning: same. it sounds like it was hot too.

Sorry about Redxs but its not my fault. the damn site my art was on is down. heres the pic right here


No worries, your host is back up. :slight_smile:

its lovely.

“lovely”… that’s more common for somethings you don’t like… It almost sounds like an insult, like “nice try”. :lol: :wink:

:o ok ok.

its hot.:stuck_out_tongue:

sooo… wat is that sarcasm or u really think its hot?

its hot.

cool, thanx.

Pretty cool. Kind of a “I sense danger” pose that works well. It would have been nice to see him head to toe, and i’m not really a fan of his weapon at all, but other than that it’s nicely done. Good work.