Character designs that catch your eye


When I say character design. I’m talking about how they dress, their body and just overall appearance. What are some characters in fighters that really sell themselves and make an impression on you with their looks alone? What is it about their design that works and what stands out to you? Hair, face, clothing etc.

For me. Morrigan Aensland and Felicia from Darkstalkers. And Dudely from Street Fighter. Morrigan is like the best parts of Chun-Li and Mai Shuranui, gothed up. She has the sex appeal of Mai and the toughness of Chun-Li ( not to mention an ass like hers too ). And the bat wings on her head are cute.

Felicia. She’s one of the most polarizing characters in gaming period. Practically nude Catwoman with awesome huge blue hair and jiggle physics? Wether you like her or not you noticed her. Also she’s like a FU to the censors. She’s like “My nips and vag are covered so technically I’m not naked, nyah nyah”. Yet she’s still adorable.

Dudely. His design is the definition of swag. So classy and cool.

Standout character designs in fighting games

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God damn, everything is a useless thread! Nothing’s good enough to be a thread! I’m actually trying to have an actual discussion about character design in fighters and which designs stand out the most to people and why. It’s not like before when it was a simple “fav/least fav character design” But fuck it whateva, close the damn thread if it’s causing you to bitch this much. You have the power, FUCKING DO IT! And where can I read these damn rules?


It is a “favorite” thread. You just didn’t use the word in the thread title and description. It still serves the same function.




Mortal Kombat X


Name specific characters whos design’s stand out to you. I’m not talking about the games I’m talking character design. Read my OP for example.


Hey guys I just like to apologize for my outburst. I was just getting frustrated because I just wanted to start an actual discussion about this topic. I’m not trying to spam or make useless threads. This isn’t about favorite designs. This is about what makes for a good design or what catches people’s attention. But if ya feel it’s not thread worthy then by all means close it. I wont post athrdad anytime soon.


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Standout character designs in fighting games

Might want to change your title to “What makes a good character design” to better get your point across.

For me alot of it has to do with pure silhouette of the character but also alot of the moves. Clothing that indicates their style of fighting somewhat and their “story”, their attitude and personality.
The action of moves need to correlate with their movement, certain moves “look” fast, others damaging, ones that hit high, other being anti-airs etc.

I know alot of videogames characters have random details that hardly makes sense…because it is a videogame. However i dislike seeing random zippers on costumes and stuf like that.The very very generic cliched typical nonsense of cute and badass etc.

Disregarding my avatar for having a random star tattoo lol, as well as Jojo characters having random character designs, she just crew on me as a character with her story and personality.

Vega has a really great design imo, it is simple and very very effective. The tallish build offsets his large upper body and indicates a certain elegance, the long braid also emphasizes a flowing motion, and again a certain agility and him being mobile, as opposed to shorter pony tail or haircut. Mask gives a certain mystique and that Vega might care about his looks, also that he might want to remain somewhat anonymous, commonly associated villains, and it falls in line with ninjutsu practicioners. The claw is another key weapon indicating that. The western style shoes might hint at a foreigner and the high and tight pants with a 2 color scheme screams matador with the red sash.

Is Vega my favorite character, no but his design is pretty damn good imo.


I like the character design of Urien, and Gill from Third Strike, and the design of Seth from SFIV.

The reason I find their designs interesting is because they exude an aura of power.


I like dragons. I like women in medieval armor. I like women’s feet. These things are cool and I like those kind of designs.


**BOOBS! **


We’re discussing fighting game character designs.


On topic, The first name that pops into my mind is Juri Han. Her costume is just great and all the DLC looks that followed have been shit in comparison.