Character Designs

Here are few quick sketches for a new fighting game we are working on. We just finished demo 1 and we are planning for demo 2 and here are few characters we are thinking for inclusion in demo 2.

Brief Description of the Game
The game is set in Japan’s most notorious high school (thus the blue colored pants w/c is part of the school uniform), whos attending students are the toughest of the toughest and worst of the worst. Just to give you a point of reference, this 2D fighting game is based on several popular game and manga titles such as Street Fighter, Rival Schools, Worst Manga and Cromartie High School Manga/Anime.

Brief description of Characters

  1. Mos is a varsity basketball player. Freestyle Fighter
  2. Rockstar is a rocker wannabe. Freestyle Fighter
  3. Yiu is the son of rich chinese shipping tycoon. Practices Kung-fu.
  4. James is the 3rd generation boxer.
  5. Bryan is just odd.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. Please focus more on the design instead of the art itself (Im not a really good artist). You can also visit us at If you want to help out. We need artists and game designers.

i love both the art and design, so is this gonna be mugen or for commercial?

Thanks for your positive comments.

Its not mugen and not for commercial just yet. We are coding our own engine using gamemaker for programming, which gives us the freedom to design the engine anyhow we want it.

lol bryans awesome

nice work bro :tup:

Things like this that make me wish I could draw or code games… . .cause I’ve always got like 4-10-30 designs going around in my head for fighting game characters,animes,etc. . . .

damn shits nice…bryan loooks like a beast

Those are pretty cool. Solid work. Ohyeh my humble suggestion is I’d like to see some good variety in the body proportions.:wgrin: Maybe some gargantuan, some uber skinny, some hour-glass figure… wahhh…

Thanks for all your inspiring comments.

@Mr. Twelve - I can make James wider and taller and Mos to be even taller and skinnier for variety. Thanks, that was a good suggestion.