Character Difficulty

Basically I’m trying to figure out which characters are the most difficult. This information might be useful for people who are just picking up Street Fighter 4, or who are trying to figure out what other characters they might want to learn.

I think there are different areas of difficulty, such as steep learning curves and tight execution.

I was looking in the Zangief character section, and I was checking out some threads on his strategy, and it kind of blew my mind. I thought he would be easier than my character, but there was all of these option selects to learn for different situations, way more technical than I thought. I thought it would be SPD and Lariat, but it was much more complicated.

I guess what I’m asking is for opinions of people who are experienced in their character, or knowledgable in other characers to give their opinions on how difficult their character is, and how great of a payoff there is for learning them.

I play Fei Long, I’m not pro or anything, but I know him well. I know that he has some 1 frame links, even on simple bnb (bread and butter) combos, and on other high damage output combos. I can get the links on a pretty good percentage, but sometimes I’m scared its not even worth it to try them for fear of dropping the link and getting hit with a mashed reversal (even J Wong didn’t want to try the 1 frame links against Daigo). His learning curve is not as steep as others, as he doesn’t have very many combos, and basically only 2 ways to connect his Ultra (Focus Attack or deep jump in).

Fei Long- in my opinion is not very hard to learn, but he is hard to use effectively, and has some tight execution. In terms of difficulty/payoff I would say he is a 7/6 out of 10.

Characters with tight execution: Gen, C. Viper, Fei Long

I would like to see some other peoples thoughts, and anyone else who wants to know whats up can look through here too.

Forgive me if there is another thread like this because I couldn’t find a general one, and also forgive me if this isn’t in the right place.

We have a discussion like that over in the tiers thread, come join us!

This is one of those “on paper” questions tier lists actually do a good job answering. Check out the tier list thread like Prado mentioned.

P.S. threads like this always end with everyone ignoring tier list discussion and just claiming their character has the hardest time and “requires the most skill” to pull wins.