Character dilemma

Hey guys, new to Shoryuken and have been enjoying watching the videos/streams.

Getting into SSFIV and would like your advice, I’m looking for a character that has a good rushdown & runaway style, but also won’t get punished by standing full screen.

Thank you!

Have a look here…

Seth… but as you’re new probably someone like Sagat is easier. Basicly though what dirzzt360 said, look at that guide, see which character descriptions you like, then youtoube a few chosen characters up and see which you like the look of.

Just pick Makoto, bro. That gal is awesome, win or lose.

character dilemma

Honestly I was really hoping that the first post would just be

I have no idea, the first character I chose when I bought the game a week ago was C. Viper and she’s the only person I’ve gotten sort of good with.