Character endings

Ok, so I think I’ve beaten 3S with every character, but still no Gill. Help me narrow down who I missed by filling in the ending sequences:

Akuma - dives into water and explodes some boat
Alex - I forget (?)
Dudley - 5 hrs 'till his fight and he has to get back to his house
Elena - Not sure, I remember her looking at a picture of Japan or some shit
Necro - action sequence where he’s being chased
Twelve - some weird cloning experiment thing
Hugo - wrestler takes over the world
Ryu - can’t remember, but I did finish it with him
Ken - again, I forget…this might be the one. Did it have to do with Sean in some way?
Sean - he won the big fight…in his dreams
Remy - some gay crap where he turns into a mer-MAN.
Yun - Gil gives the world to him
Yang - He and Yun are fighting in the streets
Chun-Li - something about stopping fighting (?)
Oro - he’s the man, sitting on top of his rock
Urien - Gil is some sort of experiment, it turns out
Q - I can’t remember, please help on this one
Ibuki - this one made no godamn sense; she wasn’t training hard enough
Makoto - can’t remember, fill me in.

Any help would be appreciated, for I don’t really want to go through with with every player…again.



Alex wrote a letter to someone and is fighting Ryu
Q appears in several locations around the world at the same time
Makoto cannot be beaten, goes back to the dojo and kicks everyones ass
Ryu thinking about fighting or something and grabs a leaf from the air
Ken wins another tournament and gives his trophy to a black eyed Sean
Chun Li teaches kids to fight or something
Elena writing a letter to someone or something

You pressed down at Yang/up at Yun to pick Gill? Just wondering cause that’s where he is (between them select wise, hidden selection with no small char avatar like everyone else)

gill’s ending is that Alex looks like him and they take over the world or something

Yeah that jew splits the water in half!