Character evolution

Hi im new here,and glad i found a forum which is focused on my fave game genre. With fighters,there are often loads of sequels,and the characters change themselves so…
What characters do you think got much better in sequels?
Who got worse?
Did you like any 1 move added to a character to the point it would be a crime to remove it?
Any moves that were removed that shouldnt have been?
Any character who was better on a crossover than their own game(not counting kof,but other snk crossovers allowed)?

This discussion has been done in this thread.

I would suggest posting in it and it will float and maybe start up discussion again. Lots of good info in there. Basically thread says 2nd Impact Sean vs 3rd Strike Sean is the biggest nerf of all time.

Edit: Welcome to Shoryuken by the way.

I’m going to pay a visit to that thread you linked to, BrentoBox (much thanks) but gonna list one that’s bugged me for awhile - akuma from XmenvsSF to MvC2…good lord…