Character/Game troubles

So I’ve been playing this game since Vanilla and all of a sudden lately I have just come to a stop. I stopped likeing both my characters (Yun and Akuma) and just the game itself. I think it is because I tend to eat a lot of random shoryukens because Yun is a rush down character and akuma has his vortex, and with all the reversal spamming I run into, I eat a lot of srks and what not and both these characters are not on the good side when it comes to health. Anyway, has anyone ever come across this problem where no character seems to interest them. Because I do want to continue playing I just hate how reversals work in this game, especially the 3f ones, so I guess I gota find a defensive character which has never really been my style

Or you can learn how to properly bait and punish random reversals.

Patience my friend! Rushdown doesn’t mean mindlessly running into your opponents at every chance you get.

It happens. You may not be having fun anymore.

Also…slightly on topic to help you out.