Character Help / Pros-Cons

Guys, i know, we are all getting tired of those “please help me pick my character for me” threads, so i just want to get some opinions on what are the pros and cons for some characters.
since vanilla sf4 i struggle in choosing a “real” main and since AE (playing on PC) dropped i am struggling even more.

So far i came to the conclusion for myself that only Rufus, Adon and maaaayyybeee Seth are characters for me.
The crucial point for me is, i cannot decide which one to play:

Rufus: Fun character, but got some really annoying flaws. I only play online (sadly) so i got real problems hitting his bnb (1Framer) consistently, even with plinking etc. and mashers really destroy the fun.And his general gameplan is nearly always the same: get in -> divekick to oblivion

Adon: fun mix between footsies and rushdown. Flaws: crappy SRK move ( i really dont like the hitbox and the 5F startup of RJ), heavily reliant on good execution (FADC all the way, fuzzy guards etcetc.) and no good frametrap (no 2012 on PC yet) + some REALLY annoying matchups like gief or hawk etc.

Seth: well, the crappy HP really, you get outrandomed so much online, its sometimes drives me nuts.

any comments on the pros and cons of Rufus, Adon and Seth and which one you would choose, considering some flaws and general viability in online play (since next to no offline sessions near me)

thanks in advance and best greetings from germany

seth = easy mode nonsense.

i’d stick with him if you want some easy wins.

I’d say Adon is a lot of fun to play because of jag kick pressure and good footsie tools. Allows for a lot of free form playing and still nets decent damage unlike the other characters. Seth and Rufus play very very similarly throughout the whole match until mixup moment, which for seth is either dp/cmd grab/reg grab. Rufus is just divekick until ultra setup then ultra if it hits.

hmm i thought more ppl would leave their opinion like amigoone (thx btw), but it seems like SRK members only want to rant how bad their char is and stuff… ;/

anyway, thx to those who helped / participated! best wishes from germany! ;D

SRK members also like playing the game for themselves. :wink: