Character Help


Need help on what character to roll with. I have officially given up on C.Viper, I can’t find any more reason to play her. I got her seismo chains down 100% and her FFF to about 90%, but she’s just not really working with my play style. I’ve given up on Sakura because I don’t really like her special moves all to well(except ex tatsu). Her fireball game is ass and her mix-ups can be easily snuffed out online.

Open to all suggestions. My play style is close to mid range. What I’m mainly looking for is a character that has great poking with simple combos, decent damage output. I kind of want to stay away from shoto characters because I find them dull and easy mode. Gouken would be the only shoto I would give a chance(if he is even shoto).


I would say Fei Long, Adon, or Vega. But this thread should have been in the newbie area. I don’t think it will last long.


My apology, if a mod could move this.


Moving it won’t make a difference. The topic is covered already over there. Please read the stickies when you enter a new section of the board. I don’t allow “choose my character” threads in the IV board for a reason.