Character help?


I keep trying to main a character and then give up and just dont know who to use at all, any suggestions on who would be good in ultra? I was thinking of Makoto, Dudley, Balrog or Ibuki.


Its just a matter of what you feel comfortable with. I think a lot of players hit a stopping point with characters they try to main though. You can’t just stop using them though. When you feel plateaued that’s when you need to start pushing yourself, really analyzing your play style, ect. Watch yourself play and find your weaknesses.

As for your question of ultra, its hard to say why you’ll like since a majority of us haven’t played ultra yet -_-


Charge characters.


Excuse me, but shouldn’t this thread be closed? I though this kind of “choose my character for me” thread wasn’t allowed.


Don’t go with Ibuki , she is one of the most awesome characters in SF but she is very difficult to master , let alone combos there’s the vortex you need to worry about , she’s definitely not a good for learning the game , I tried it and failed , it slows you down considerably , now I’m playing Ryu , which is rather boring , he like invites you into spamming fireballs and shoryukens , but as I hate charge characters , that’s like my only option for now , I’d suggest you go for Balrog if you’re into chargers , Dudley from what i’ve seen is not very difficult , it could work , as for Makoto , I have no idea whatsoever how she’s played ,but it seems to me like she is very combo reliant .


Please try to refrain from giving advice in the newbie dojo when you are also quite new yourself. Your advice is misleading and you are disseminating bad info.


Okay , then you go ahead and give him some advice because I don’t see many people doing so , and rather than posting something completely useless , why don’t you correct me , or is all you can do act smart?


The reason nobody is giving him advice is because like Reckion said this kind of thread is against the rules,pointless and covered in existing threads in the newbie dojo. Threads like this pop up 2 or 3 times a day and are usually closed shortly after.

You throwing out phrases like " he like invites you into spamming fireballs and shoryukens" [sic] referring to Ryu is counter productive because it shows a lack of fundamental understanding of the character and the game and is steering this person into a poor mentality.

" Dudley from what i’ve seen is not very difficult" - This is anecdotal and most people would say incorrect.

Oh and as far as being helpful, look what a simple search yields:

[]("Which character should I pick?" aka The SRK Newbie Saikyo Character Selection Guide

Which is what people should be doing instead of making new threads that are against the rules.


Thank you for clearing that out , now I know where I was wrong and you helped the person in cause which could have been done even without an additional post , 'grats.


Just fyi, “help me pick a character” threads are fine in the newbie dojo. Just not in the main game sections, as the question is a bit too basic for them.

And yes, if you’re still new to a game, please don’t post advice. We know you’re just trying to help, but new posters/players would help the community more by focusing on learning.


hm… In that case I’m sorry for being a douche.

look, just pick a character you are confortable with. Some characters will be easier just pick the one you actually feel better with. Just research about the characters (videos, forums and crap like that). Another thing you could do is just pick a random character, work with that character in the training room and challenge mode (or whatever it is called in english).

Just don’t post threads like this. They are completly and utterly uselless, because in the end, only you can pick the character.

Edit: Is that okay as an advice? :stuck_out_tongue: