Character ideas?


I know you guys have some ideas for characters you’d like to see in fighters. share them? what kind of attacks would they have? what would they be able to do?

edit: sry, but right now I got like nothing in mind :sad:


That’s a hard question for me. I got so many ideas running around in my head.


I only have ideas for what characters I’d like to see together in a game. Like Streetfighter characters versus Mortal Kombat characters and possibly some characters from Square. I don’t care what their moves are, or how the fighting system works, as long as Sephiroth is the strongest, followed by Liu Kang, then Akuma, 'cause he’s cool.


It would be very hard for any idea in this thread to beat protagonist of one game SNK released at October 16, 1998


Wannabe revolutionary

Every attack ends in a comment on why socialism is the best thing since slicing bread
QCF+punch throws a dieing vegetarien cat at the opponent
Super move makes a clone which comes onto the screen and talks non stop about his community college course until the opponent kills himself by beating his head against a brick wall repeatedly.

Sadly I think this character would end up as far too annoying to fit in with the rest of the game and would be banned in most settings.


they are chars of a game that im designing with some friends as a hobby, Oblivion Agony
Forgotten God Seol
Guilt Wielder
im gonna post their move list later, cuz i cant find the damn file where i saved them


No arms

only uses feet.




:rofl: EXCELLENT idea


Olof in Power Instinct 4: Matrimelee.


I had an idea for a character once for like a later in years street fighter game. Something like where it would have mel and a much older sakura and stuff like that that. Anyway the idea I had was for a really really fast boxer type character. Something along the lines like Money Mayweather but you make his story that hes really big and famous in the boxer league and his manager is Balrog but old lookin. He’s got the gray hair and full gold teeth. Kinda Don King rip off lol. Also he has a Girlfriend who is just straight up Ghetto Girl and talks trash to everyone her man fights. And his win quotes would be nothing but balrog and his girlfriend fighting cause they dont get along.

Yeah I think alot when Im bored at work lol.