Character improvements

I was thinking about what moves to give and take away from characters to make them more fun to play.

So, in that vein, here’s my first attempt at a more fun character. I tried to imagine what would make Cammy more fun to play and more versatile, instead of being some scrubby fierce/roundhouse character. So here goes Improved Cammy (IC)!

IC would have the same normal attacks as Cammy. However, she would lose the following special and super moves:

Spin Punch (hcb+P)
Hooligan combination (qcf, uf+P)
Reverse shaft breaker (qcbx2+K)

She would gain the following special moves. These moves would have identical frames, recovery, priority, and damage as the original character’s moves.

Guile’s sonic boom (b, f+P)
Todo’s command grab (hcb+P)
Todo’s fireball wave (qcf+P)
Zangief’s SPD (360+P)
E. Honda’s hundred hand slap (press P repeatedly)
Sakura’s hurricane kick (qcb+K)
Sakura’s dragon punch (dp+P)
Akuma’s air fireball (air qcf+P)
Kim’s stomp kick (air qcf+K)
Rolento’s wall dive (qcb+K)
M Bison’s teleport (dp/rdp+3P/3K)
Blanka’s forward and backward command hop (3K/b+3K)
Balrog’s Gigaton Blow super (b,f,b,f+K, level 3 only)
Sagat’s hotfoot super (qcbx2+K, hits low)
Ryu’s shinkuu hadoken (qcfx2+P)

I think having these moves would make Cammy more entertaining to play, while not making her overpowered.

What do you think of my improved cammy concept? Helpful comments only, please!

sweet jesus, she would be unstoppable and even MORE retarded. cammy lost her worthless specials and gained the best moves in the game. just throw in iori’s roll and ken’s funky kick for shits and giggles.

You’re joking right? I’d much rather have Delta Red Cammy with every move she’s ever had, but dumbed priority on normals and the goddamned Cannon Spike. That’s all it takes sometimes.

These overlap. And I woulda given her a Juni/Juli assist.

Give Kyo Rugal’s fireball, his 2001 grab super, and if you do qcf+p you’ll do Sagat’s fierce!!!

What the hell? NO! That makes her more broken then she already is. If you do that, why don’t you just make every single one of Blanka and Sagats moves (including normals) have projectile priority? Then the CBS think would be more BS then it is now.

Big ass Sagat should get a spinning bird kick and a spiral arrow. His long legs would own up everybody.

Geese’ssss deadly rave super should of had a vacuum effect instead of wasting a lvl3 super when hitting someone’s limb.

You forgot magic throw. She’ll never win without it.

Sagat needs super armor too. 2-hit super armor. That works against fierce/roundhouse attacks and specials. I’m sick of people always hitting my DP and d.fierce.

Sakura’s DP needs to be changed to MP+MK. That Custom and her B&B combo are too hard for me.

And for the love of god take away Benimaru’s Knee attack. That thing is soooo cheap! I wish they tone him down for the next game.

Good point, Buktooth. We don’t want overlap, so Cammy can’t have Rolento’s wall dive.

That would make her some cheap runaway character, which we don’t want. Let’s give Cammy Chun Li’s spinning bird kick (d, u+K) instead.

Oh, and make her Far hp her close Hp, and make far s.rh come out in 1frame, and be invincible.

Le’ts keep this discussion serious! That would make Cammy broken.

I’d love to see Cammy do a Honda slap :stuck_out_tongue:

she already has a honda hand slap, its called fierce x N

oh christ, you can’t be serious.

ok look, i dont know why you started this thread. i mean i would understand if you were trying to beef up a low-tier character, like king and whatnot. but cammy? she is already as broken as she can be. lol, you say try to keep this thread serious, but after all those suggestions, she would be as strong as the computer’s GOD Akuma :slight_smile: haha just my opinion