Character Level and Experience chart help!


Hey everyone. So i’m currently trying to create a complete guide for how much experience it takes to level up on each level. I’ve searched the web and wikis and have almost a complete list but as you can imagine the road to level 50 is rough.

So rather than break my neck searching youtube videos with rare footage of end match experience calculations (They get cut off for time constraints). I need the help of all my world warriors to post what experience is required for their next level. I currently need them for these levels to save you guys some time.

34, 35

Thats it, I have the requirements for everything else. If you need help finding the required experience they can be found after winning/losing a match either in ranked or casual. You can’t see them in battle lounge unfortunately so to protect your rank just do casual one match then at the end record the experience required for next level up. If you guys can do this, it will be freaking awesome and helpful. I will of course be asking playres online who I play too which also helps. Thanks a bunch.


I’m at level 48 going onto level 49 with Ryu you need 47,500 Exp.


Level 35 to 36 is 15300 XP.


I’ll tell you 34 to 35 next time I play.



Level 49: 47,500 EXP Points
Level 50: 51,700 EXP Points
Level 51: 56,000-57,000 EXP Points
Level 52: 61,200 EXP points
Level 55 to 56 = 85,400 EXP points
-NO turbo controller-


You guys are awesome, thank you so much. :slight_smile:


42 to 43 = 28k
43 to 44 = 31k