Character Leveling Up Question (Stuck at Lvl 50)


I have a question. I am leveling up my Chun-Li to try to get all of her titles. But appearently, the max level I can reach with her is 50. And it’s like everytime I win a match (ranked or casual), I gail experience points, but it looks like I’m already maxed out! Like it doesn’t say how much more I have to gain to reach the next level.

I’m a little confused and bummed because I know in order to unlock the rest of Chun-Li’s titles, I have to rank her at 90, and 99. But for some reason, I think the max is 50. I’m not sure if I have to unlock a certain rank in ranked match, or if it’s a bug or glitch. But I have no idea how to climb past rank 50.

Any help? Thanks.


That’s normal, you don’t see a progress bar after level 50 in the results screen anymore, but you can still see it in your profile. You’re still getting XP and level-ups.


Oh really? Because I just feel like I’m just gaining exp but not gaining up a level. Will it level up eventually? I just have to keep grinding it out?


It takes forever for a level at that stage. Just look at your profile, the XP bar should fill up normally. I’m 51 with Laura and it looked like I didn’t get any XP either.


Interesting. THank you for that. I’m already at level 50 with Chun-Li, but the bar just stays full. I continue to get exp but unlike the previous levels, it doesn’t give me a counter to tell me how much exp I have to get before I get to the next level.


Maybe it only switches back to the normal bar at 51? Not sure if I checked when I was still 50.