Character Loyalty? Whos hurting here?

I’ve reached a point where I have accepted the fact that I am good with literally one character. I can take the piss on someone with several characters but I only truly understand one real character. It wasnt always like that, at one point I was truly excited about other characters; I’ve attempted to play a good chunk of the cast but in the end it didnt mesh well.

Who else has character loyalty issues?

The only character I play is Trish, it was just something about her at the early fight club builds that caught me and I stuck with her. Other characters, not so much. To the point now where I just pick Trish and two assists because I’m usually dead after she dies anyhow. I’ve even tried to imagine myself at the pinnacle of practice and execution with any character of my choice, and still even then I just dont care.

To the people who are dropping teams for new Ultimate characters do you have the same issues?

Sometimes I think that if I had stuck with some of the first characters I was drawn to (Modok and Felicia among others) would I feel as comfortable with them as I do Trish.

I’m gonna play Ultimate regardless, I just think I would be a better player if I had a team of 3 instead of a team of 1 with 2 assists.

It really depends on all the new characters and balance changes to the current ones, whoever ends up the most fun to play will be my main, then two characters that support him/her to the best of their ability.

I had trouble meshing with any characters in MvC3 in terms of gameplay, so I’m intending on completely switching it up for Ultimate.

I always learn every character’s best combos and gameplans with each char on my team. I learn to use everyone good who I pick, even if I don’t love them.

I always design a team around a certain character, or with a certain style of play in mind. Like I have a rushdown team with resets and junk it’s Dante-X23-Akuma. I wanted to use dante and x23 together, and akuma made their offense much better.

I don’t really have character loyalty anymore, I’m kind of past that now as a player. I’ve found that I like ranged pokes and mobility best in my characters, so I will pick chars who fit me even if they’re not my favorite looking or most stylish. Such as Skrull in mvc3, and also Ghost Rider, Nemesis, and maybe I’ll pick up spencer. Naturally I’m excited for the new chars whose playstyles jive with my likes.

The only character in the game who’s combos work for me is Deadpool. I can do pretty well with Viper, but there are limits for someone who uses a pad. Sentinel is okay, but I’m just having trouble finding a team that clicks.

I have been a Chris player since day 1. Some ppl have told me that he is the weak link on my team, but I always thought he might have some hidden potential. But its a good thing he is getting some good buffs in Ultimate :slight_smile:

I have always played Zero + 2 characters who make him better. I will always play Zero + 2 characters who make him better. I sort of fall into this category, but I wouldn’t say I’m hurting since this has always been my intention.

I just kinda lucked out that needing another character to go with X23 (who I mesh with the most in play style) that Dante works really well with her DHC and assist wise (for her level 3). It also worked out that Dante totally fit my play style also. I just have Doom in the back because he’s a weird rushdown/zone type character and I like characters with weird play styles and plasma beam gives a universally strong assist for both characters. I tried Akuma but I just don’t like the way he plays. He doesn’t have enough execution based movement and tricks for my tastes. You also have to be in a constant state of rushdown to make use of his tatsu assist whereas doom beam can clear up assists and projectiles from a much farther range before I get in to begin with. Plasma Beam sets up mix ups from basically full screen for Dante.

I’ma try out Vergil/Strange/Strider in Ultimate because I feel that team is just a big slam of characters that totally fit my play style also and I’m sure I could find a way to make them work assist/synergy wise. I like that it’s an all guy team also which is different from the mostly feminine pixie types I play in other games. Yet the whole team is basically a bunch of stylish pretty boys that will most likely focus on completely rushdown or stylish transitions from zone to rush so yeah.

You’re actually kinda playing the right way in general if you’re using one character you really liked backed by 2 strong assists. Especially if they DHC into each other pretty nicely. It’s just whichever other 2 characters you use just try to put the effort you can into making sure they can still be effective and you still have a strong assist for the second character coming in. The only real exception to that being if your last character is an absolute retard in level 3 XF.

The only characters that I feel comfortable playing are Tron and Hsien Ko. I have been searching for a third character since this game dropped and have yet to find anyone who works well for me.

After playing Blazblue and Guilty Gear, I’ve always made an effort to learn every character at least to average levels. It gives you a real perspective on how everyone functions.

I’ve been loyal to all the characters I play, and make sure to learn the entire team as much as I possibly can.

:eek: Finding that third character is the hardest thing to do, hahaha.

I like Doom and Tasky. Can’t decide on a third character :confused:

In the beginning it was Hsein Ko there, then Felicia, then Ammy, then Haggar. I like Tasky on point, Doom anchor but I’ve been playing around with the team order and the 3rd character. It’s fun mixing and matching though so I don’t have any issue not having a for sure third character.

Pretty much this. Thing is though… Zero and Viper my two fav and most fun characters to play are getting better it seems. Chris, a close third is also getting better. If Rocket Raccoon is awesome, I pretty much won’t have any room to complain.

Nah that’s the easy part IMO. Akuma/Tron/Haggar/Sent/Doom/IM or anybody that can kill you off grabs/air grabs in XF3.

In general when making teams just follow the Viscant set up. Battery/User/Assist.

**Battery is just there to build meter and only spend it if absolutely necessary to kill a character. Better to focus on resets to save up meter. User **basically is a secondary character that has powerful meter based options that can help to close up a match if the battery dies. They’ll need a strong assist backing them up so they don’t get advanced guarded down all day and compliment their mix up. Assist guy of course is meant to keep the first 2 characters with the ability to lock people down against advance guards, help fight down fireball wars and generally set up offense or protect the point character. With level 3 XF some characters can be thrown in the back even though their assist isn’t super crazy good since their XF3 is crazy but yeah.

Like with my team Dante is battery. I can spend meter if I want but I just focus on using combos that build up 2 meters and then going for a reset and saving it. **If I can I’ll switch in X23 as the User **after the first character dies,who will spend the meter and dirt nap jam session down the second character and XF1 them out of the match so I only have to kill one more person to win. Doom is just shooting lasers as assist and setting up left/right mix ups for Dante and X23 until he comes out on point either with XF3 to do stupid XF3 gimmicks or hopefully X23 will have done enough damage in XF2 that he can land one combo towards the corner and TOD the last guy. Dante DHC’s into X23’s Weapon X Prime from full screen off million dollars and if X23 is up first she can easily land million dollars off either of her supers and Devil Trigger DHC is a save X23 from death after desperation level 1 super mash.

With my new guys team it’s going to be kinda theory ATM. What I would like to have happen is Vergil up first who hopefully works similarly to Dante as battery building up meter for Strange as user who will use it to land multiple spells of Vishantis and store up projectile counter supers. Strange will provide solid assists since all of them seem good. My main assist character will be Strider at the end since I hear the teleport kick assist is retarded since it tracks the opponent no matter where they go. Plus level 3 XF Ouro looks ridonkulous. I hope the DHC synergy with that set up is pretty decent and if not I can try and move it around or just deal with.

Thats how I feel about my 2nd team. I really, really like Chris & Skrull but I can’t find a 3rd character that I truly like (that isn’t on my main team) and that brings it all together.

Well, I’ve been sticking with Trish since I started. That was my only true loyalty. I’ve gone through MODOK and Dorm and a couple others that just didn’t cash out for me. I like my current team now (Trish, Sent, Taskola), but I’m struggling inside thinking of who will be back-burned for Strange ha.

Trish will always have a spot, though~

i also have a character crisis in mvc3. there are so many things i look for in a character/team that its really hard to come up with teams that i feel can compete.
but i dont think ive really learned how to play any of the characters i use IM/arthur/doom and doom is only there cause IM can use his rocks so well.

one of these days i’ll pound out ironmans harder bnb and put some actual training mode time in with doom. but im much more hyped from the 12 new characters and my team may be changing again. strange/nova/raccoon or ironfist… my teams could change drastically come umvc3.


I had some loyalty ‘issues’ before the game came out: I wanted to have a good team for Spencer. However, since I wanted to be competitive at this game I also knew that if I had to drop Spencer because he was ass, then I would. I also decided in February after the pre-launch tourney here to play Sentinel, since at the time he seemed like the best character in the game. I hated playing as Sentinel at first, it took me a good month until I realized… I need Sentinel. Now I’d never consider a team without him. I looked at the nerf to find an excuse to drop him, but I ended up going back to him in the end.

As for the other character - I used to play Dante, who I never would’ve thought I ended up using, because I wanted my team to benefit from him. Ultimately I dropped him for Wesker. I didn’t like him at first, but he grew on me, although not as much as Sentinel.

When Ultimate comes around I’ll probably end up dropping the team altogether, Wesker got dem health nerfs, DHC Trick is gone, Spencer has nothing in return and they’ll probably remove his unscaled damage stuff. Oh yeah and the Drones assist is worse now that it’s a block string.

That’s how I am with Captain America. The only other character that I really really like playing is Wesker. I think it’ll change when I get a stick though, because it’ll be less annoying dropping combos because of this pad.

I spent shitloads of time and effort working on my X-23. All my teams are based around her. But people compliment me for my Doom.
It’s so unfair!

Anyway, I knew from before launch that X-23 was going to fit me perfectly. As I tried other characters, I found myself most comfortable with Doom. I chose Tron for the assist and I’m glad as hell her combos are so easy, I wouldn’t manage otherwise.

MvC3 is actually the only game I can really play with more than one character (I’m okay with some others). In some games where I can’t find THAT character, I don’t even manage to play the game properly at all.