Character Neck Ties - Find me at Evo2k9 to Purchase

$40 for one tie.
$70 for two ties. (save 10 dollars)
$90 for three ties. (save 30 dollars)

EDIT - Oh look, different colored ink!

EDIT - We’ll talk about shipping them out and doing custom designs when I return from Vegas. This batch is exclusively for sale AT evo2k9. PM me here on SRK if you need to find me.

EDIT - My Finalized inventory for sale at Evo2k9, first come first serve. PM me here on srk if you need to find me, i will get it on my phone and reply asap. Leave me a phone number if you want me to get back at you faster.

Akuma - (White) (Purple) (Purple) (Red)
Ryu - (White) (Blue) (Red)
Cammy - (White) (Baby Blue) (Purple half price some marks on it) (Pink) (Dark Green)
Ken - (White) (Blue) (Gold) (Red)
Bison - (Pink) (Red)

Uh, what about for those of us NOT going to Evo?

Oh damn I would so buy this. If you can ship them I bet you’ll get a lot of buyers.

We’ll talk shipping and custom designs when I get back from vegas, promise :slight_smile:

There’s something pretty sweet about that red Akuma one.

Uhhh. I’m not sure in what situation would necessitate one of these ties.

EDIT: Maybe a funeral.

Im not sure what situation wouldn’t necessitate one of these ties.

  • incredibly uncool social events
  • nude beach

That’s all I could think of.

edit: message that was sent sent to me… “These work on nude beaches.” :lol:

One for the neck, one for the waist :wow:

I’ll totally buy one if you start shipping.

lol funny ties

Wow very innovative! If you have the chance maybe you could make some that are little bit more professional so you could possibly wear them to work or of that sorts, that would be awesome! Id totally wear one to work or that had like small repeating street fighter logos or something.

I think these are sweet!

Perhaps add directional buttons or something as a design to go along with the character to make it more of a pattern so the person isnt just on the tie.

Saw you rocking your ties.

I didn’t attend Evolution 2009. :sad:
But I still want to buy.

those are awesome

Yeah, i’m interested in buying one or two.

Keits, I need pics of the arakune one!