Character Objectives

Thought I would put this up after I read epsilons post on Dudley, he says that Kens Objective is buferable super hit, Yun’s is Genei Jin, Chun’s is low forward, Makoto’s is command grab, Dudley’s is to get someone in the corner. What about the other characters in the tier list? Outside the Upper and Top tier, it doesn’t seem like many of the characters have a clear objective to gain advantage in the match. Anyways heres my theories.

Ken - Super Bufferable Hit/Rush down
Yun - Runaway charge meter > Rush Genei Jin
Chun - Low FK > SA2
Makoto - Tick Command Grab
Dudley - EDIT: Corner/Knockdown
Urien - Aegis/Corner/Knockdown
Yang - EDIT: Zone for EX Slash/Corner?
Akuma - Rush down/Runaway Air Fireball/Dash in - Super bufferable hit.
Ryu - EDIT: SA1 - Zone/Knockdown, SA2 - Zone/ShinSho, SA3 Knockdown/Corner/Stun
Oro - Unblockable SA2 - st. SP > SA3? Confuse the fuck outta them
Alex - EDIT: Knockdown/Corner/Stun
Ibuki - EDIT: Be Annoying
Elena - Standing RH?
Hugo - Corner/Knockdown
Remy - EDIT: Keep Away/Guerilla Tactics
Twelve - EDIT: Keep away - Stay out of corner - Frustrate
Q - EDIT: Frustrate/Patient/Zone/Be unexpected
Sean - Be played by someone

Anyone got any ideas for the others?

Yang: EX-slashes. That is all.
Alex: corner mixups
Ibuki: Rush the fuck down
Remy: Don’t get hit

Ryu – EX knockdowns + mixups.

Land a s.rh is a pretty good goal with ibuki, so is annoy, or jab.

Necro: Dizzy them + Corner Mix up
Q: Kara throw + Taunt
Hugo: Land Gigas


i’d say that apart from just bringing someone to the corner, Dudley’s main objective is to knock down.


Hugo’s objectives are pretty simple: keep close, and lock them in the corner. If Hugo is consistently close enough to hit cr.MK in max distance, he has a chance. If he’s in the corner, he has more options to choose from. These are just my experiences, though, and I haven’t played against a lot of tourney-level players.

Hugo: Wait for a mistake
Elena: Brave Dance
Q: Taunt
Sean: Be pink
Remy: Keep a charge

You forgot: Frustrate/Annoy the opponent and survive.

Urien - I’d say more specifically, corner them with the aegis, whether it be doing tackle xx ex aegis, or keeping them in the corner with fireball xx aegis.

Q - successfully taung 3 times

Yang - knockdown then activate SA3

Urien - learn how to poke.
It’s just easier.

I’d say Dudley’s main objective is to link his supers and take advantage of his massive damage dealing ability, cornering is just one of the ways, there are other characters thats even more dangerous in the corner.

remy - dont get hit, mix up from lov, corner wall throw (in that order)

Q = Kara-Throw/Taunt/Corner

alex = knockdown
elena = poke
yun = run & build meter
akuma = raging demon
chun = if can’t be landed, tick - kara-throw
oro = cheap to death in the corner
sean = taunt

elena: land a then super or triple EX combo
necro: land a or a B.RH then combo
Q: taunt three times, then capture and deadly blow or land a dash punch
oro: land an EX SA1 or start the SA2 unblockable combo

I think it differs based on playing style though

dudley… knockdown = 50/50
hugo… 360,super,poke
Q… block,super,taunts lol
akuma… he can do everything,run,rush,hit confirm sa, DR, dont get hit
12… hit and run

Alex: land knee > Flash and/or j.hp > knee > Flash

Poor Ryu… no one cares…

Ryu- Throw, force mistakes?

i’d say land ex fire balls for knock down and then fuck around with wake up as much as possible