Character picking problems


Hey guys,
I have been playing SF4 for quite a while now and tried to pick some characters, but I dropped all of them after quite a while.
Characters I played were Sagat, Cody, Guy (played him most of the time), Zangief (played him quite a while too), Poison, Ken and M.Bison.
My personal preference are characters who are solid overall. I have a little bit more trouble when I’m on the defensive, but I’m sure I can adapt on that aswell.
In 3rd Strike my favourite character was Urien, but I also liked playing Ryu.
Hope you guys can help me out.

Thanks and greetings,


Why not Ryu?


This. Ryu is probably as well-rounded as you can get. Can do good when he gets in and can do good when he’s at a distance. Can control horizontal space with fireballs and vertical space with uppercuts. Can easily land untechable knockdowns with jab jab sweep (will probably require plinking depending on how good your timing is) to set up for air hurricane kick vortexes. Has an overhead that he can mix into his high/low game to keep the pressure on. Has an easy time comboing into either of his ultras.


You guys are right Ryu could be a great choice, but isn’t he kind of stereotypical character? You know, like a very large amount of guys play them, it bothers me a little bit to be honest, but I should definitely try him out.


Don’t worry about what other people think, just what you like. That said I understand the desire to try quirky or rarely seen characters. I started out as Ken, then thought he was too vanilla and tried a bunch of other characters. But then over a year later I went back to Ken and realized I really enjoyed him still. So yeah, do what you want.


Yeah, Ken was a cool character indeed. Maybe he is the right choice for me, because he basically has all the tools I’m looking for.


That’s one of Ryu’s faults. He’s such a popular character that everyone in the FGC and their mothers knows his general game plan, how to counter, etc. But hey that didn’t stop Daigo back when Ryu was his main. Just pick what you like, have some character dedication and you’ll git gud naturally with practice and as you keep playing against other people. Good luck.


Thanks man, I will!